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Diamond Dog
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Guard dog for hire.
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Slingshot is a diamond dog mutt. He stands just about head to head with Luna (Such official measurements).

His head is complexed like that of a German Shepard, although his fur has no markings whatsoever. His maw is somewhat shorter, two amber eyes staring alert straight ahead. Two sharp ears poke out from the side of his head

From his broad shoulders, sprout two arms, whick reach down just about to his knees. At the end of each arm, he has two large digging paws, with claws cut down to about his fingertips. His torso, much like his shoulders, is broad, and 'fit' (though not upkept), shrinking a bit as you go down to his pelvis. At the end of his spine, sprout a dog tail, which wags whenever he's happy or interrested. Brown fur covers him from head to toe.

His legs extend down onto wider paws (feet), with claws cut down to about his 'toe tips'.

For clothes, he wears a dark gray vest, which usually he keeps open, exposing his fluffy chest.
Misc Information:
// I'm not new to RP, but seeing as i dont RP as often as i used to, i'm just as happy to do small text RP's, aswell as paragraphs.

If there's anything else, dont let me stop you from asking. I'm a friendly guy c:
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>Story of Slingshot</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>_________________</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;"><strong>Childhood years:<br /><br /></strong>Slingshot was born into a family pack, along with three siblings (A brother, and two sisters). His father held the position of Alpha, letting his mother raise the bunch. At the age of 4, Slingshot and his siblings were put to work in the gem mine, taught the gem digging trait from their mother, as their father worked on keeping their territory of the forest safe. For 8 years, the quadruplets barely spent time on the surface, untill turning 12.<br /><br /><strong>Teen years:</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;">When Slingshot and his brother turned 12, their father started taking them with him to the woods above, to teach them the ways of an alpha, aswell as test them to see who'd be best suited for the position, once he'd be gone. Tradition told, that the position of Alpha was only given to the strongest amongst the pack, both physical and mentally. Following tradition, it also told, that the position had to be taken from the previous alpha through duel.<br /><br />Slingshot and his brother trained under their father, while his sisters worked in the mine, learning from their mother. Although they were family, competition quickly grew between Slings and his brother, a friendly rivalry of sorts.<br /><br /><strong>Early adulthood:</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;">As Slingshot and his siblings turned 18, him and his brother was allowed to plan their own topside trips, aswell as hunt without the supervision of their father. Through the years, the rivalry between Slings and his brother had grown into a more serious tone. Although they were still family, and loved each other as so, fights became more frequent between the two.<br /><br />On their 21'th birthday, they were both challenged by their father, to claim the position as alpha. They both triumphed over their father, making the old dog proud, as he thought the future of the pack secured. Sadly, the position as Aplha could not be held by two, putting the brothers against each other once more.<br /><br />For years they fought, Slingshot having his victories, his brother having his. They grew equally distant towards each other, the only thing seeming to hold them together, being their two sisters, and mom.<br /><br />One day, Slingshot and his brother fought yet again. This time, the victory going yet again to his brother. In a fit of rage, he banished Slingshot from the den, leaving him to sleep out in the cold. Ofcource, Slingshot could just aswell challenge him yet again, and earn his way bacn inside. But in the heat of the moment, he took it to heart, leaving the den and the figthing behind, as he ventured to find his own.<br /><br /><strong>Present:</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;">After having ventured around in Equestria, he'd found the ponyfolk inhabiting the topside so very.. Curious. Their culture was so very different, from what he was used to.<br /><br />He has decided to try his way amongst the equines, and even managed to find a job as a guard dog, at a workshop.<br /><br /><em>His</em> story<em> from here on and out, has yet to find place..</em></p>
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