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Cutie Mark:
A faint, scarred over red stained dagger.
Lieutenant’s Log 002: No apparent occupation. My information on the suspect alludes to him either working for the mafia, or some secret organization,
Lieutenant’s Log 065: He works solely of his own whims. His lust and greed and anger. For the chaos and madness of his mind.
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Lieutenant’s log 01: First time seeing the subject. His coat is a middling grey that has a slight purple tint to it. His mane is somewhat long, curling and silky. He is thin, but toned. His ears are tattered, scars crossing over his face and body. From claws, and other unknown things... his eyes are a reddish magenta look that burn into you.

Lieutenant 13: His appearence seems to change slightly between killings, or at least bleeding. He acts more rash. More hungry... he becomes more emaciated. Thin. Matted coat. Feral.
Lieutenant’s log 033: “After further observance of the subject, we begin to believe he is allegedly targeting those who will bring him the most his life the most excitement. Ironically, many of his alleged victims are everyday folk. He seems to have an unending bloodlust. We have yet to find a pattern.”
Misc Information:
No sites or contact off site. This is a role play site for a reason. No offense to you, but I prefer to keep contact in here only.
History and Details:
<p>Lieutenant&rsquo;s Log 113: Terrifyingly, all his meaningless killings.. all of the nudges and pulls he commits... they all have a purpose. An end goal. If not, then he is must be incredibly lucky, simply not planning things. That is unlikely however. At one point I watched him walk into a room, and go into the kitchen. While he was there, two vengeful John Does he had contact with walked into the room, mistook each other for the subject, and beat each other to death. One was still barely alive, but when he came back in, and crushed there head with a stomp of their hoof... If he knew how that would turn out... He might know I&rsquo;m following him. If he does, then this could be one of, or my last log. Good luck to whoever hears this, you will probably be next.</p>
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