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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
dual colored sun yellow and a dark shade of orange
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Eyes Moderate cyan

Mane Vivid crimson with brilliant yellow stripes

Coat Light amber

Magic aura Light brilliant opal

sunset has quite the appearance, she has a light amber coat that even without the assistance of her formal teacher celestias sun, it seems to have a gleaming quality to it. it is soft as well, it is smooth and soft, the color adds a light warm feeling when you look at it, her cyan eyes so beautiful and soft as if they could hide all the evil she has done, they all hide behind those cyan plated eyes. they also have a gleaming quality to them, her mane ladened with vivid crimson and brilliant yellow are bursting with a color pattern that make fire look dull, though that would be a slight exaggeration, you get the point
Misc Information:
i did not make up all of the info. i got some of it from wiki the movie and a comic based on sunset when she was celestias student enjoy. i had to make it this way love the comic love the movie// more rules and stuff will be made later second paragraph in bio i made. oh and just putting this out there, i took time to research this stuff i used allot of things to get this info, most if it i didnt even know till i researchedit

also some of this is based of my non cannon sunset from my fic
1:please read my info all of it.

2:dont bully in our rps unless I bully you first.

3:be kind to me and you shall receive my kindness.

4 im not picky on grammar at all so don't worry if you misspell a couple words. I do it all the time.

5:dont forget to have fun

6: dont fuck with me and i wont fuck with you

a few things you should know as well before rping with me. you should really think of a good starter before we actually rp. don't just say ( walks up "hi") how am I supposed to really work with that. also I don't want you to think just because we are friends. that these rules do not apply to you. they apply to all. and if you see me being a little mean then feel free to tell me.


stallion or mares, studying,friend(kinda),sparkle butt(AKA twilight)


Celestia,enemies,fights shes not allowed to be a part of (ect. if i had to fill this out youd have a huge paragraph of dislikes

Long term goal(s)

get her life in order, Become what she was always destine to be, show everypony who doubted her they where wrong

Known Spells

//Throughout most of the film, Sunset Shimmer is in human form and devoid of magic, relying on manipulation and bullying to get her way. Her abilities as a unicorn are never demonstrated, but since she was Princess Celestia's personal student, it can be assumed they would be approximately on the same level as Twilight Sparkle's (before the latter became a Princess). Because of her Cutie Mark and her color scheme, it can be theorized she has an affinity to fire magic.

When Sunset Shimmer uses the Element of Magic, she turns into a powerful, winged demonic entity with a fiery look. In this form she displays immense magical powers, despite being in a magicless world. She is proficient with both Dark and Fire spells. She is able to effortlessly destroy walls, turn associates into demons, brainwash large groups of people at once, and conjure powerful fireballs. Her only weakness in this form is that the Element is not "loyal" to her, since she does not grasp the magic of friendship. When she tries to kill Twilight Sparkle and her friends rush to her rescue, the magic of the Element refuses to harm them, instead deserting Sunset Shimmer and imbuing the friends with its power, despite Shimmer still wearing the crown.

some fire spells i made up due to the info i found and read above, that she i mostly fire based but could almost definitely know more



1: FLAMING WHIP: a flaming whip, made entirely of fire that forms at the tip of the horn, this spell takes little to no energy to create..making it a minor spell for one with her level of ability a regular unicorn may find it hard to preform this spell... and you have to be skilled in fire based spells to pull it off, but due to sunsets level of ability in magic its like child's play.

2: FLAMING BLAST: this is a spell that blast a beam or fire from ones horn, this takes only a little more energy than the flaming whip, for you have to make the heat very intense for it to be a sustained spell. comes in three lower forms as well, the spell can also be less effective than the flaming whip when used in the other three ways, any unicorn can form the lower version, but you have to be capable of using fire spells.

3:FLAMING CYCLONE; though it is only six feet tall, it is a very high powered spell and takes allot more energy than the flaming whip or flaming blast, will require 5 or more second of magical rest after use, due to the speeds and heat that have to be created magically, this spell does not radiate from ones horn directly, one must use the magic in there horn to manifest a cyclone of flame at any distance away from there horn, be cause if you form it to close you can hurt yourself. but the farther away you manifest it the more tired you become, this is not to hard for sunset to due but like said does drain energy but not a whole lot.

4:FLAMING TYRANT: A very very advanced fire spell, forms when an amount of flame is created at the tip of the horn, that is step one make a flame of immense power at the tip of your horn, sunset does step one with ease. step two make the flame dome around you, this is a very hard step, sunset gets slightly tired after step two. step three, revolution, you have to make the dome spin around you, it has to spin at 120 rpm's or the spell breaks an you must start over. sunset does this step and she becomes a little more tired. last step, you have to release the flame in a quick manner, the spell creates a wave of fire more like an explosion that has a flaming shock-wave, depending on the speed of the RPM in step three depends on the size of the explosion, in the RPM listed you get a 20 foot explosion of fire. AFTER WORDS SUNSET MUST REST MAGICALLY FOR TEN SECONDS

5: FIRE BALLS: One of the most un-advanced fire spells ever, its when one uses the magic in there horn to create a fire ball, in sunsets case the ball of fire always illuminates from the tip of the horn. there is two ways you can release the spell, this varies from technique to technique and pony to pony, sunset when she wants to throw it slow just releases m=by moving her head forward, when she wants to release it fast and violently, she swings her head from the side and stops when she swings it at her target then firing it using her magic, this takes no mana or energy to do

6: FLAME THROWER: The name kinda speaks for itself, this spell takes not a whole lot of energy but cant be held very long, shes not immune to heat, it can get very very hot. in sunsets case she uses her horn to throw flames at her opponent she can make the width of the burst to as big as a red wood trees trunk, but that burns like hell so its longest time being used is less then thirty seconds.

7:FLAMING HEARTS: an advanced spell that takes allot of energy for it is a kill spell, it is when one uses the magic in there horn to manifest flame around ones victims heart, you have to hold the spell for thirty seconds for it to actually take effect, this spell will effect anypony regardless of if they are a flame pony, the spell comes in three forms the color represents the intensity, red lowest blue medium whit highest,

8:APOCALYPTIC FLAME: a very advanced spell in which is very very powerful hints its name, the energy use extreme, the mental strain intense. many steps must be done to create this spell, first one must make there horn radiate enough magic to be able to make there mane flow like wind is running through it and they must have there eyes glowing, simple enough for a first step. then one must make flame twister on both right and left sides of them, then one must manipulate the two twisters to make its so they are revolving at a speed of 800 rps rotations per second, and then they must make both twister wrap around them as they are still spinning, this is the mental strain point. once they are in a ball or dome around you, you must make the rotation amp up to a whopping 600,000 rps, the last and final step is to create lava like spikes form all around the fire dome and inside. when you release this spell it sends out a huge explosion of fire and burning hot rock and lava shards, depending on the form of magic combined to make this spell, (examples light or dark magic) will help decide what else resides within the explosion, for sunsets case it would be dark magic. when dark magic is used to power up the spell it creates a dark evil wave within the wave of the fire wave, this can make your nightmares come to life inside your head, and will cause pain to even its user, for dark magic is a dark and mean form of magic that does not give back to its users. this spell drains the user so bad that even a good mana and health boost spell will not help all the way, sunset shimmer has only successfully done this spell a few times also no matter what defenses your enemy has up they will be destroyed if they are in a fourty foot radius of you, they will be burnt so bady, it is a complete and utter destroyer move, the only problem you wont always be able to cast it, and only fire masters can cast it, shape shifters can not fire princesses and princess are able to but they mostly refuse to due to its destructive manners

9:Blazing arrow: Wisps of crimson warp from the horn and turn to the form of arrows. The way that the crimson moves gives an illusion of fire, when in sight it will shot towards any target. they never miss, they are like little heat targeted missles or anything targetted missles, they hurt like hell




1:SHIELDS: depending on the element in use depends on the shields color, but shields can also just be created in the color of the aura or light created when you use magic, in Sunset shimmers case the color is an opal color. depending on the power of the shield depends on the brightness and visibility, this varies from pony to pony. in sunsets case, her regular shield created with her non elemental spells, can be very weak, but at its most powerful is effective on mainly moderate spells and weapon power, weapons it can block are knife stabs, arrows and spears. anything above goes right through. at its most powerful it is not bright at all and is almost invisible. her fire shield being her most powerful for obvious reasons. this at its most powerful is very bright and completely visible, it appears at its most powerful as flames in a dome shape, it has a similar look to the step three part of the attack spell known as FLAMING TYRANT it revolves around her as well, it block top spells and top weaponry, but this kind of OP comes at a loss of energy at high amounts.. and the shield can only be used for very short periods and is only used in dire situations. at its lowest level it is just an orange dome of light and is just like her regular shield when it is at its full power, so in low power it blocks moderate spells and weaponry.

2: ELEMENTAL WALLS: the name kinda speaks for itself, walls made out of fire earth water ect. these vary in size and thickness, and take little to no energy for sunset, fire being her most powerful once again

3: TELEPORTATION: seems simple but is actually a very complex spell, one would have to visualize in there head the place they want to appear at, so they have to think about everything there... so they would have to have been there before.(i got this info from someone else) this takes an advanced understanding of magic, not all unicorns can do it... but anypony can learn to do it... depending on the distance depends on the amount of energy used. this differs the most from pony to pony so i wont explain it.

4:GENERATING PROTECTIVE OBJECTS SUCH AS HOOF HELD SHIELDS FROM THE GUARd this is an advanced spell, sunset still has yet to fully master it, she has no problem manifesting such objects.... but it takes the wind out of her

5: PHOENIXES' TEARS: Restores mana and health, avoid overusing this as it can decrease magical powers for a small amount of time, but is not permanent, so it does not permanently drain your magical ability.

6:FIRE FLASH: a very very easy spell, the horn creates a bright fiery magical light blast which blast brightly making the opponents abilities to see very reduced for five seconds just long enough for an escape. so its kind of a sucky spell

7:FIRE WIPE SPIRAL: Similare to the fire whip spell, but is much more tiresome, for it is like the fire shield but takes less time to activate and is quickly made, the whip forms from the horn at the tip, it the revolves around the user at a speed of 670 or more rps (rotations per second) this is why you get tired and have to rest for more than 5 minutes, magically rest that is. this is just as effective as the fire shield and can be held longer, but for every five seconds you hold it is another five minutes of magical rest needed to regain your energy or you could use spells to assist your rehabilitation such as one listed above

8:GUARDING INFLUENCE: Renders the one you cast it upon, there magic is now unuseable till you say otherwise, its unreversable

9:Fire charm: This spell can be adapted by other elements, providing attentional defence to an element of your choice.

10:Last sonata: A sweet tune plays, boosting stamina and calming the user.

11:reversed last sonata: a sweet tune plays draining energy from my opponent down to fifty percent then giving me 25 percent of your lose


this is a must read, you have to know this


though this is not entirely a spell, it need honorable mention, In the made up part of my bio it talks about Sunset being curse by the Element of Harmony. this is part of a FaniFic i will be producing. in the bio it states "sunset would at first have constant nightmares about the elements of harmony defeating her. she would always wake up in that cold sweat. twilight took notice to this. and realized that sunset had a imprint on her. when she turnned into a demon thing in the other world that part never left her. when angry one time sunset turnned into this thing but in the pony world it looked much different. so now twilight had to also help shimmer control her anger. so she has that to work on now as well. sunset is still very unstable. though she is unstable she knows when she is doing something wrong and doesn't always try and make it turn into a right."

this is where i mention the things she can do in this form if you've seen the movie you know some, but i decided to add some to it because i did for her as a pony since not a whole lot is known about her as a pony, except for from the comic book. she can move objects just by moving her hooves. ill leave references below. maybe. her eyes can form a dark like aura much like sombra's but it is a blue and black mix, she is murderous in this form., above you notice a list of spells she can do very similar ones as those just not from the horn, but she also can do them much easier.

Detailed Personality

egotistical, cruel, condescending, and manipulative. She frequently insults and belittles others, and thinks little of it.but dont take it as she is always a bad pony. she can be very very kind to her friends. she is also Power Hungry, Usurper, Megalomaniac


//well its really simple its in my bio,well sort of. sunset was a gifted unicorn putting her in the school for gifted unicorns. but she did not stay there for she soon became Princess Celestia's private student and star pupil (more or less former student) so you can figure she's powerful, think about it, use your minds that i know you have, come on I'm joking your all very smart and i love you guys. 0-0 not in a weird stalkish way though

Notable Talent / Skills

Sunset shimmer has very notable talents in the fields of advanced dark and fire magic, she is so good that at the young age she was one of celestias students before twilight was, sunset also has a condescending attitude and has a grave talent to get what she wants.. regardless of any tasks that may stand between her and that certain something, she also has a very notable talent in style, she knows how to flaunt it. how to show it.....and how to live it up...she feels and truly believes she is the most beautiful unicorn in all of equestria, she wishes to become the most beautiful alicorn in all of equestria. those are a few of her notible talents, and yes like much of this info it will be updated as i move up

History and Details:
<p>when Sunset was celestias student. she was a magical prodigy much like twilight sparkle, however, she's quite boastful and condescending toward others, despite Celestia's lessons about humility. one day Celestia shows Sunset the magic mirror.Sunset sees herself as an all-powerful alicorn&mdash;one who could rule Equestria. Sunset briefly sees something else in the mirror, but Celestia guides her away from it before she gets too curious. During the weeks that follow, the mirror is all Sunset can think about, and Celestia repeatedly tells her that she'll learn about the mirror and other lessons "when [she's] ready"An undeterred Sunset Shimmer begins researching the mirror behind Celestia's back, but is soon caught by the princess and her royal guards. Sunset berates her teacher for hiding such magic from her and demands to be made a princess. Celestia refuses, saying that being a princess must be earned, and removes Sunset from her position as her student. She has the royal guards escort Sunset out of the castle, but Sunset overpowers the guards and escapes through the mirror. moons pass and she returns She steals Twilight Sparkle's element of magic crown, and during a tussle with Twilight, the crown is thrown into a mirror which acts as a portal to another world. Sunset then follows the crown shortly after. Princess Celestia reveals that Sunset was a former student of hers who began her studies not long before Twilight did. However, when she didn't get what she desired as quickly as she'd liked, she turned cruel and dishonest, eventually abandoning her studies to pursue her own path. after twilight fallowed sunset. she deafeated her in three days. but then had to leave. sunset waited and waited. when she finally was able to return. she did. but was immediately discovered by the pony that had once been her teacher. she pleaded and pleaded for celestia to teach her. she was swiftly rejected. eventually celestia provided her with a teacher who would change her to a kind loving pony. princess twilight sparkle. she was embraced into twilights hooves. but what a task lay ahead for twilight. she had to change sunset. this would be hard because sunset was still the egotistical, cruel, condescending, and manipulative she was before. she was taken into the teachings of friendship. and is still currently being taught. twilight soon discovered the troubles celestia had with this pony. sunset was given a room. she was close to the three princesses at all times. celestia was one who kept the closest of eyes on sunset. sunset would at first have constant nightmares about the elements of harmony defeating her. she would always wake up in that cold sweat. twilight took notice to this. and realized that sunset had a imprint on her. when she turnned into a demon thing in the other world that part never left her. when angry one time sunset turnned into this thing but in the pony world it looked much different. so now twilight had to also help shimmer control her anger. so she has that to work on now as well. sunset is still very unstable. though she is unstable she knows when she is doing something wrong and doesn't always try and make it turn into a right. sunset Shimmer has been twilights student for little time, and she feels that maybe just maybe this could be her chance to prove that she could be the all powerful alicorn that she saw in the mirror ages ago, but to do so she fears she has to actually learn about friendship and show to twilight that she has learned. though though this sounds really easy to do, it is not especially when for most of your life you have been cruel and condescending, though sunset may or may not reach her goal of being an all powerful alicorn, she still tries, for she still believes twilight is what she should have been. up to now though she constantly runs into a big problem, the untrusting eyes of her former teacher Celestia. Sunset has to be sneaky enough to slip through the all knowing Celestia, how does one do so, well they don't it nearly impossible. so thats pretty much all i can tell you.</p>
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