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Reformed Chrysalis queen of the changelings

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Cutie Mark:
Being the queen of a changeling hive
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Chrysalis is a tall changeling queen. She has a thin green mane, a black exo skeleton with holes in the legs, she has a horn, green eyes and insect like wings.
Feeding and rebuilding her hive
Misc Information:
Thank you for looking at my profile! Before we start RPing I'd ask that you look at these RP rules.

1. Please be nice OOC

2. This version of Chrysalis is evil and very spiteful. Don't expect to be friends with her.

3. As I said Chrysalis is evil. If I say something mean in character please don't take it seriously.

4. Have some length in your responses. I don't need like 4 paragraphs but don't just hit me with 2 lines.

5. Please don't walk around with a super over powered character that walks around solving all problems instantly. It makes the RP boring.
History and Details:
<p>//I'm going to assume everyone has seen Chrysalis in the show as the history of my Chrysalis changes after the canterlot wedding.</p>
<p>Chrysalis hasn't been really redeemed but she has made peace with equestria. After failing to take equestria despite being incredibly close to victory and losing a lot of her children to Thorax's rebellion she gave up attacking equestria. She is very much still bad and looking to expand her hive into weaker nations. She loves her children despite them leaving her. Chrysalis maintains her peace with equestria but she holds no sympathy for most ponies tresspassing in her territory.</p>
<p>For assisting in the Egyptian war the queen was given this</p>
<p><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/1786_1533244468.gif" alt="" /></p>
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