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Pegasus Pony
Cutie Mark:
None,only a shiny blank flank
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♥ Eli Star ♥

This is Eli star, he is a stallion that likes to dress up as a mare basically
Name: Eli Star
Nicknames: Eliza or Eilly
Gender: Stallion
Age: 19
Species: Pegasus
Height: Mare sized
Weight: he doesn’t weigh a lot ,he’s pretty light.
Hometown: Fillydelphia
Current Residence: Canterlot
Occupation: Crossdresser?/ waitress
Mane Color/Style/Length: Mane is Blond w/ blue streak. Always down. Long.
Coat Description: it’s a light blue
Eye Shape/Color: SORTA like Fluttershys, One it’s Fully light pink,the other is also pick but with a light purple tint on it. (He has heterochromia)
Accessories: a bow at the beginning of his tail and an optional eyepatch
Allegiance: (Does your OC side with Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, or both? Or, does your OC side with a villian, like Discord?) Both with the Princesses.
Cutie Mark: Blank Flank
Special Talent: Cross dressing
Family: A mother,his father travels a lot.
Friends: Non//
Personality: A shy boy with the most confusing of personality. He’s kinda one one end but can be smart talky on the other.
Flaws: (Everyone has their good aspects and bad aspects. The flaws are what makes a character seem more life-like.) He curses a lot, is very lazy and he has too high of a standard when it comes to picking out clothes,basically picky.

[Character History]
•Where is your OC originally from? Fillydelphia
•How did your OC get his/her cutie mark? He hasn’t gotten his cutie.
•How did your OC get to where he/she is today? He was just interested in girl clothes, why? Well his aunt thought he was a girl at birth and once he came to live with her, only bought him girl clothes until she realized when he grew more into a teen-age(?), he noticed boy features.

[Current Home]
(Where is your OC now? What does he/she do now?) He is in Canterlot ,working as a cafe waitress.

[Powers List]
Basic Pegasus Powers:
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to fly
•Intrinsic Pegasus ability to walk on clouds
•He has a bit of witch blood, that’s why he has a bit of heterochromia. So he can do magic put only with the basic pot and potions.
He loves cross dressing and has a high fashion sense. He likes walking around,and sometime designing looks that he thinks fit well.
Misc Information:
♥RP Rules♥
1.Keep it civil and reasonable please.
2.I control my character not you. I own him NOT you. Please understand that only i control my character unless i'm doing that action,then for example, if my pony is walking,do as such "As he walks over.." you get me?
3. You can do * ,I don't mind,but do a full paragraph like thing. I will do without *,or try too.

♥Character Notes♥
My pony is not well developed and will/might have writer flaws,cliches, as so on so on. He is not perfect,i'm not perfect. You get the gist right? So he may not be good as a character or as a whole and I will try to do my best to fix it. I haven't been RPing that long so bare with me ight?

♥Other Details♥
Nothin else! ALTHOUGH! I'm a female running a male sona!
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;"><strong>----------------------------------------------------</strong></p>
<p style="text-align: left;">Eli is was a little teen when he discovered his liking to girl clothing. Before that,he was actually a tough little one. Since he lived in Fillydelphia most his childhood,he learned the in and outs of how things work there. He started out as a little theif,always stealing from ponys who so happened to be new. But then he had to move to Canterlot with his aunt,when his parents desided to abandon him their with her,since they couldn't talk much of him anymore. But having girls feature on him at first,plus the miscommunication between his uncle on the phone with the aunt,he was a little forced in wearing girl clothing and accessories.</p>
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