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Cutie Mark:
A molten golden arrow pricing a pink bubble
Mercenary, Archer
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Clementine is a short and slender mare of a mostly light gray coat with darker gray saddle and spots. Her legs are noticed to be slightly muscular and her cloven hooves to be nimble. Her gait is often confident, precise and controlled. Light pink freckles dot across under her eyes. Her long pale pink mane is noticed to be wavy, curly and messy, often hiding half of her face. Her eyes a shade of red with pale orange ring between her cat-like pupils which often contributes to a shy and pained expression. Between her jaws holds a set of omnivorous teeth with a noticeable over bite of her two large blunt fangs meant to tear into flesh and feast upon meat.

She's commonly seen with a black necklace with a large vial, inside of it holding a golden liquid which faintly smells of blood. She would never let anyone touch this vial.

Clementine's common clothing includes a blue, golden and white saddle decorated with stars which shows origin in nobility. Each side holding a large pocket which includes her signature golden arrows, and the other holding her matching blue, golden and white bow. Depending on the pony who's dealing with, she's willing to show her matching tiara that comes with it if you're nice enough to ask about it.
*Flirting(equal opportunity flirtation)
*Hunting and Stabbing things
*Blood, wounds and scarification
*Exotic creatures
*Lolita fashion
*Chokers, collars and ribbons
Misc Information:
Rules n such;
Please understand that I have a life outside of this site. I have college and that pretty much murders any chance at a social life. So please give me at least two days to reply to our RP before checking up on me.

Ask before roleplaying with me unless it's a chat based RP or I come up to you.

Please note I can be fairly shy and sometimes I can get overwhelmed, so please understand if I don't talk in conversations or roleplay in awhile, I'm not ignoring you but taking a break(or I forgot to)

Please note that all art of Clementine is made by me unless stated otherwise. If you're interested in my artwork please message me for my commission prices! I also accept art trades or trades/exchanges as well.

Clementine is still a developing character. Her personality may change depending on roleplay.

Please note that if our characters are in romantic relationship/dating it doesn't mean that we're dating in real life.

Content warning;
Clementine suffers from PTSD, vivid auditory and visual delusions, violent impulses and alcoholism. There will be times this may be randomly triggered during roleplay. If you don't want to see/experience these behaviors it's important to tell me in advance.

She also has obsessive and ritualistic behaviors which depending on the roleplay may become extreme or directly harm your character. She commonly obsesses over the colors of gold, blue and red but this may change with character development.
History and Details:
<p style="text-align: center;">Born within the wild and vast forests of far eastern Equestria. Clementine lived in a small and unnoticeable town which many considered to be the kingdom of Lazarus. Clementine was the last born child of thirteen other siblings. Her mother, a Pegasus, her father, a bat pony. Her family was a mixed of wild game hunters and farmers that lived on the edge of the village near a large expansive forest beyond their two acre farmland. They often did their best to bring in wealth and food to their home. However despite the amount of hooves and the vast open space around them times where very hard. <br /><br />Clementine learned from her older siblings how to work on the farm and with a bow and arrow. She quickly found her talent within hunting and archery. Her cutie mark appearing younger than most of her siblings had been discovered. Her family were quick to celebrate all the good that they had, and slowly mourned all the bad. Life, even though they lacked food from certain seasons and the work was grueling they still managed to be happy together. It didn't stop Clementine from wanting more. <br /><br />When the King of Lazarus came to the poor towns folk with a deal, a contract if you will; "play my game for my amusement, and I will grant you one wish of whatever you desire if you win." <br /><br />It was obvious that she stepped up with her wooden bow and copper arrows to play his game despite her family's protests. Her father's words especially stung. "Just know if you choose to leave your family for silly wishes, you are not welcome back home if you choose to return." <br /><br />"Fine." <br /><br />The past few months when she returned to the castle she was greeted with other ponies from the village around her age, like her they volunteered for the king's games. Little did they know that it would be a game of death. Although they were treated like nobles; dressed to the nines, given expensive and lavished dinners, dances and laughter all around. It all depended on how well you did. They were often sent to hunt the monsters and the king would watch them all die or get injured.<br /><br />Clementine was often paired with a unicorn mare by the name of Ruth. Clementine and Ruth often were inseparable. The two were seen with each other so much that many of them considered them lovers. The two love struck mares from the farms together by bond and blood. At first, it was a mutual agreement between the two to work together and benefit from each other's strengths. Slowly Clementine began to grow feelings for Ruth. <br /><br />At the age of eighteen. It was discovered that only her and Ruth were left from the years of the king's games had gone. The final game? A battle to the death between estranged lovers. Clementine refused, Ruth however was more than happy to finish the job. <br /><br />Clementine's confessions we're kicked to the side like dust as the stronger unicorn mare attacked and tired to kill the hybrid Pegasus. Clementine never dared to try to even retaliate. Blooded, bruised and being mocked by the nobles that were watching them fight in the throne room she had enough. <br /><br />A single stab to the heart was all it took for the battle to be over. Ruth fell limb and bleeding her golden blood within her arms. <br /><br />The words that came after Ruth's death fell upon deaf ears. Everything felt like a blur. She had lost everything. For a wish? She knew she had to think of her wish carefully. Ruth's blood had been drained and contained in a small bottle as a hunting trophy she was forced to have. <br /><br />Clementine made her wish, and that very day she was banished from the kingdom for the murder of Ruth. Just as she wished for.</p>
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