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Viper Maxh Scratch ,Business Expert.

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Earth Pony
Maxh: Somnambula's Palace Curator / Army's General / Second in Command and Royal Trader / Viper Stallion.

Vinyl: Royal Strategist / Entertainer / Exploration League Leader E.L.L. / Palace Third in Command / Viper Mare.
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Mature & Violent
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"What's up you beautiful peeps, I hereby by our presence, your hosts, Maxh and Vinyl Scratch, keep reading further to get a few little ideas of what's going on, and why life it's like that, no good results guaranteed."
Active friends, seeking for mature partners with fluidly ideas for RP, if you wanna just chat, I'm also available for that.
Misc Information:
-This is a casual account, I do RP, both SFW and NSFW, everything should lead to story and development however.

- Commission's Prices:

Flat color $ 10
Shaded $ 15

Full bodies:
Flat color $ 12
Shaded $ 17

Any of them comes with a simple background for free.
Extra characters +$ 5
NSFW + $ 5

-I'm not a fan of gore and excessive grimdark, some is okay, do not ask for that to be consistent.

-My English is not perfect, however I still ask for you to at least put a paragraph for RP, I'm kind of tired of one liners.
History and Details:
<p>&ordm; <strong>About the Characters in general</strong>:</p>
<p><strong>1)</strong> By request, and because I cannot find a suitable Vinyl scratch to play the troublesome little sister, I'll do it myself.</p>
<p><strong>2)</strong> I'm only doing this in memorial of a fantastic Vinyl scratch roleplayer that I've grown fond of, long, long time ago. Amazing artist, amazing person an overall the one grinding my interest into the fandom, and characteristics of said fandom. Today it's kind of dead but I somehow manage to have a hold of it once in a while. I DO HAVE, my actual OC's, let me know if you're better off having a RP with them instead.</p>
<p><strong>3)</strong> The characters are set to live in Somnambula, they're still citizens of ponyville, granted how they've spent their childhood there but had to come back to their original homeland. I like to portrait this Vinyl scratch as a tomboyish mare with an attitude, very forgetful, while her brother is the nagging one who always ask her to do things right, and has a much classic type of enjoyment than his little sister.</p>
<p><strong>4)</strong> Both are successful on their own, they're very skilled in the entertainment and business world, there's no better candidates for such, than them, royal tradegoods are their main source of business expertise.</p>
<p><strong>5)</strong> Egypt! they're a bit more larger than their Equestrian counterparts, not for much, but good enough to make an impression. their eyes have a slit-looking pupil, our queen is the Egyptian Chrysalis, The Viper Queen from said lands, always wearing the best jewelry there is to offer.</p>
<p><strong>6)</strong> You may choose which one to RP with, I really don't like to do the two at once, it's very tedious and I will certainly overshadow anything you'll throw at me, given how easily is to simply RP with yourself... However I'll always put Maxh as the default character.&nbsp;</p>
<p><strong>7)</strong> They live in a nice house at Canterlot today, spending a lot of time with their friends and loved ones, aside of that, they are incredibly wealthy back at home, and the royalty can always count with our delicate products.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Disclaimer: They're cursed ponies, both possess the reptilian curse, after a failed exploration inside one of the second pharaoh's tomb, they can segregate venom, Maxh not so much, Vinyl can however.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Both can hypnotize with their viper eyes, not purposely either, a warning will be applied to you, means that, you're well aware of what could happen, if you're drawn by curiosity that's enough conscent from your part.</p>
<p>Their eyes also are adapted to night vision, and heat vision, yet they're quite weak-sighted at daylight.</p>
<p>Aside of long snake-ish forked tongues, snake fangs, and other secretive body changes, they still look like a normal ponyville citizen, despite their unregular body size.</p>
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