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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Eye with 6 lashes and a moon for an iris
Owner of The Gemisty- Teas and gems
Gem-is-tea(pun intended) is a small store located in Canterlot that sells gems, jewelry, and teas are sold to all ponies. Downstairs is the shop while upstairs is Moongaze's home.
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Content Rating:
Character Art:
~NOTE~ Moongaze is still a WIP
-Innocent(not pure)
She doesn't catch on to people's advantages very well and often friend zones others. At times she apologizes too much but she means well. Her moods change in a blink of an eye and rarely if ever gets mad.

-Tall legs and neck
-White coat, grey ears, a dark blue fluffy mane.
-Droopy(crescent-shaped) eyes that are blue but glossed over and dulled(dead eyes)
-horn starts in the middle of her ears and curls back(crescent)

She's poly and Pansexual!!
She's someone who would instantly be attracted to anyone who piques her interest but do not get ahead of yourself because she's picky about her lovers at the end of the day.
-Tea(not too sweet)
-Nature walks
-Bitter things(has a sweet tooth but prefers bitter)
-Gentle People

-Fruit with too many seeds
-Negative people


-Overly pushy
Misc Information:
I've roleplayed with people who just react to whatever I'm saying instead of helping me lead the story. For example, if I say that our ocs are sleeping in bed don't just say '[name] was sleeping soundly..." Keep the story flowing bro.
OC list:
-Angelfeather(Moon's best friend)
-Valcary(twin- Ryder)

~Any questions just ask~
Must Be:
-+3 lines
-no -,*, etc.

=If you message me in rp form right off the bat I'm ok with it but I'll automatically think it's strictly pony instead of anthro
=Please understand that I won't be online every day and I have days when I don't feel like roleplaying.
=I do mainly romantic roleplays and I'm not too big a fan of ONESHOTS.
I love romance rps so keep that in mind when we rp. The pace would be pretty slow and I want to see that you'd actually want our ocs to be together for the long run.

I'm ok with erp if our ocs are anthro or human.
History and Details:
<p>As a young foal, she was found in the ancient ruins by a group of archaeoponies(archaeologists) that were returning to Canterlot from the Badlands. One of the explorers, Green Tea, decided to take the filly in as her own and raise her with her two daughters Latte and Matcha back in Manehattan.</p>
<p>When she found she had no tail and was very malnorished. Her foster mother kept her in or near the house and she was only allowed to have a few friends that her mother trusted and was homeschooled along with her sisters. Because her mother was rarely home, her father was absent, and her sisters were no support, she looked the Moon almost as a parental figure. She bathed in its moonlight and told it stories of the vivid dreams she would have or how her days were.She is a huge fan of Princess Luna because of the books she read and the stories she heard.</p>
<p>When she was older she ran away from home after having an argument with her mother and ran to her favorite quiet spot in a park and cried until she slept. In her sleep, she received her cutie mark which was an eye with a moon for an iris. Every night it changes with the phases moon and during the full moon her turn and she can see into the future except her own.</p>
<p>Still living with her mother, she was forced to use her future reading ability to earn extra money. News spread like wildfire and once she was old enough, MoonGaze left Manehattan to live in Canterlot. By this time news had died down and the young filly who could see the future pretty much no longer existed.&nbsp;</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">○○○</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">She now lives near the princess's castle of Canterlot above her store Gemisty, a store that sells teas and magic stones. She covers both her cutie mark and wings to prevent ponies recognizing her. The only ponies other than her family that know her secret are Ryder&nbsp;and Angelfeather.</p>
<p style="text-align: center;">~-WIP-~</p>
<p style="text-align: left;">Voice:(will change a lot&nbsp;probably)<iframe src="//" width="560" height="314" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p>
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