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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Fluer de lis with two crossed warhammers and a flame beneath it.
Outlaw, head of the New Iron and Fire Guild.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
A mare of a slighly taller stature than the average unicorn mare, with a strong and fit build. Steel grey coat with a golden and yellow colored mane and tail kept in a messy punk style. She is usually adorned in either a black leather jacket and leg braces or a full set of steel plate armor and chainmail, former being casual while the other being her 'work' attire.
Personality wise Gold is a somewhat brash, cunning, laid back with a slight charisma to her. She is a punk by nature, never one to let herself be contrained by law and societal norms and always up for defying them. Her morals are not vast, but she has strong loyalty to those she considers family. She despises snobs, and tends to sympathize with the underbelly of society.
Misc Information:
1)Don't try to Kill Gold, if she dies I will decide when and where.
2)Gold's general alignment is Chaotic Neutral, leaning almost on evil with her personal morals and limits being the only thing keeping her from being outright evil. She is far from above evil actions, especially when they can be beneficial to her and her gang. Keep this in mind.
3)When it comes to fighting keep in mind that Gold is skilled and usually well equipped. That said I prefer fights to be fair and balanaced, no auto hits or unreasonable moves. I am not perfect though, and if I slip up please let me know.
4)Don't be a jerk OOC, and keep in mind if Gold is rude to your OC it does not extend into OOC.
5)As for ERP, Gold is a very promiscuous mare, even going so far as a deviant at times. She won't do anything under the sun however, and ERPs preferrably should come with some context/story to them.
6)Crossover Characters are mostly a No, with the exception of those that are well adapted and thought out. I generally stick to an interpretation of the Show's canon with some arcano technology and steampunk.
7)Anthro/Human rps are mostly a no, mainly for reasons stated in Rule 6^
8)Most if not all RPs are canon unless otherwise decided.

Character Voice:
History and Details:
<p>AA 1760-1770 A guild of Unicorns holding magic in affinity to metal had formed in the city of Los Pegasus during the cultural Renaissance period starting in the 1760s. They became known as 'Iron and Fire', a guild of unicorns from multiple families united in their shared interest in metal and it's uses, who became more than influenced by the cultural change and spontaneity around them. Taking up interest in smithing their main interest was forging armor and weapons. They became distinguishable by their uniquely designed leather jackets built in with chainmail, using braces on the legs and their magic to give them increased physical prowess.</p>
<p>They became well known and wealthy, making some of the best swords and metal in the city. Their most major creation would however be yet to come. Gold Dust was born one of two twins in the spring of Anno Astrum 1760, born the daughter of a Prenchmare who ran away from a socialite home to soon enough find love with and marry one of a few Unicorns in Los Pegasus with the talent of metalbending magic. She would grow up sometime before the Iron and Fire guild started, though not much before the family came together/</p>
<p>AA 1770-1779</p>
<p>Gold would involve herself with the tinkering activities of the guild which would ultimately invent the steam powered Carriage, a marvel of machinery that granted the mobility of a train in a more compact machine. Soon after the first one was produced she would get to work with her twin sister, Gold Leaf, to make their own personal machine. They would finish it around 1775, and along the way they would partake in all the adventures and parties that the Guild would partake in during the Guild's golden days.</p>
<p>AA 1779-1787</p>
<p>The guild would grow to great power, becoming practically Los Pegasus nobility. It would rise to become a force beyond even the law, Gold and many others embraced this growth and would take on the city. They would challenge and fight any law or normality that kept society down, trying to bring punk values to the youth and bring down the oppressive social norms. It went well, and they became feared and respected by all in the city. But then some of the Guild showed weakness, betraying family and the values of the guild in favor of 'morals'. A minority, uncluding Gold's own twin sister, would turn against them and even sick the Royal Guard on them. A fight would ensue, leaving multiple dead guards and leading to a hunt for all the traitors. They would be killed, one by one whether through blade or the spokes of a steam carraige....all except one... ....Wrought Alloy</p>
<p>AA 1787</p>
<p>The last surviving traitor would come and hunt the guild down one by one, murdering each of them in cold blood and insanity stricken mind. Stealing the Guild's magnum opis of carriages, the intercepter, in her hunt as she sought them out like a fearsome reaper. Gold would be among the last she would face, going up in a battle atop carriages with Wrought. She would lose the fight, her skull split by the blade of a pollaxe leaving her falling into her carriage as it rolled down a hill and into a cavern. Gold, much like Wrought, didn't die in her crash. The magical gems in her carriage would through ludicrous luck keep her suspended for over thirty years. Dreams of family and dreams of loss would come through her mind, the mare trapped in a dreamscape for all those years convincing herself that it was the afterlife.</p>
<p>AA 1817-1818</p>
<p>Gold would awaken, one eye having long fallen from her face and rotted away leaving only a scar over her closed eyelids where the axe struck. Coming out of her stasis she would spend a day repairing her carriage, before rolling to the nearest inn and using the bits she had on board the machine to spend a night and recuperate. The reality that everypony she knew was gone, and that she was in a completely different time would hit her hard. She would know not what to do, and would fall into depression for several days as she wandered around.</p>
<p>Soon enough as she languished in the badlands she would come up with an idea, one laced with ambition, opportunism and risk. Using her knowledge of steam carriages she would create a yet unnamed gang of diamond dogs, recruiting them with promises of might and wealth and using her metal bending talents to create steam wagons and carriages to carry them along the roads in their raids. Ponies would be recruited over time, as she built them up to be her most elite.</p>
<p>Eventually she would discover that Wrought, the last traitor, would be alive much like her. Her anger would break through and she would attempt to hunt the mare, only to end up captured by this new 'Lunar' Guard. Using bits and charisma she managed to get out early, and would use her freedom to develop her gang. For months they would bring danger and peril to the roads with their raids, building up reputation and growing in power. Setbacks would come, and soon enough a near downfall as the diamond dogs were slaughtered by Wrought and a team of skilled Lunar Guards and agents.</p>
<p>She would manage to elude capture, fleeing off to Prance with the ponies of her gang. From there she would grow, expending her influence along the lands along Equestria's outer lands and beyond, growing to where her guild is now. Named the New Iron and Fire Guild, they remain an ever present and prosperous criminal syndicate with a strong influence.</p>
<p>AA 1818</p>
<p>Something would go wrong with Gold. Mysteriously awaking one night with a shriek before fleeing her hidden estate in prance. She was found, terrified and driven nearly insane. Unable to lead the Gang, and mentally Damaged, her lover Lune has took over for the time. Those that knew of Gold's state remained bewildered, the cause of her mental outburst a disturbing mystery.</p>
<p>In the most recent of times, her gang would come under threat as a part of it would break away and turn against it, the infamous group of radical lesbians known as Succube. Alongside them, the gang would face a growing threat from rebellious Prench citizens fighting back against their organized crime led by a mysterious foreign enemy. With threats coming from within Iron and Fire and from within the lands they ruled, Gold faces the threat of her family's oblivion. Once again facing the possibility of losing her family to traitors, just like with the original Iron and Fire...<br /><br />AA 1819<br /><br />As Succube rose to power, and a local Prench resistance rose up to oppose them and her Guild both, Gold would be forced to make a deal with the rogue mercenary who stirred up the rebellion. With the vigilantes starting to devastate her guild just as much as Succube she was ultimately forced to work with them...under condition that she and her Guild leave Prance when it was all done.<br /><br />Thus she would carry on the fight against Succube, but yet even as the crazed guild started to get cut down it would become clear that a threat from them might still prevail. It was evident based on her current and previous associations with Succube that Lune, Gold's Lover, despite seemingly siding with her was intent on furthering the maniac mares' cause.</p>
<p>Under pressure of her guild, Gold decided to commit fully to her opposition to the traitors of Succube. Even if one of them would prove to be Lune...</p>
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