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Pegasus Pony
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A multicolored Galaxy
Andromeda is an Astronomy professor.
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Name: Andromeda
Nicknames: Andro, Meda, Andy
Gender: Female
Race: Pegasus
Age: 26
Mate: N/A
Andromeda is a tall, slightly chubby looking Pegasus. She definitely stands out in a crowd, that’s for sure. Her hair, when normal, contains the colors of the sky when the sun sets. When… not so normal, her hair contains the night sky, filled with stars and galaxies and planets alike. Some say it’s just a light trick, a phenomenon that only occurs when the lighting is right on her mane, and others would agree that it’s a mirror to the beyond. Either way, it’s certainly something nice to look at. Andromeda cannot control her hair. It can be full colored one minute and galaxy the next, and sometimes there will be an in between. When her hair is normal, it is still, and doesn’t move much. It is ridiculously long and easy to trip over, and Andromeda often finds herself falling because her hoof got tangled in her mane. When it’s in its galactic stage, it tends to flow to the sides, as if there is a wind pushing it. Ponies say it’s merely electric charge yet some believe her mane and tail themselves are magical. Hair aside, her wings are also interesting. They are ridiculously large, and on VERY rare occasions will the tips of her feathers do the same thing her mane does. The wings support a very darkish red leading into an orange, and do not have the same colors as her body. Her body is a dull turquoise blue, darkening on the legs. She has tufts of fur near her hoofs that act the same as her hair. Her eyes are yellow, green, and blue, and sometimes do odd little tricks that Andromeda haven’t been able to catch. Some see stars in her eyes and when she blinks, they’re gone. Who knows? Is it a curse?
Misc Information:
Andromeda is different, to say the least. She is carefree, but she does her job right. She’s a professor who teaches astronomy (go figure). She is not a strict teacher, and in fact, she certainly allows her students freedom. But even with said freedom they work hard and always seem to be listening and interested in what’s going on. One thing about Andromeda is that she is very easy to listen to. She involves her audience and will do anything to make it fun for them! Even so young, her teaching ethics are on par and she is loved by her students. When not teaching, Andromeda is usually reading flying, or inventing. She was never that great with electronics, but in here years she has made some inventions that are revolutionary to the teaching world, and she's proud of it, She doesn’t have many friends beyond her students, but that doesn’t seem to bother the rather social mare. Really, not much bothers her at all.
History and Details:
<p>When Andromeda was born her mother died shortly after. It&rsquo;s not some sob story, really. Just birthing complications that happen every once in a while. Andromeda was a healthy, happy filly beyond the fact that she was momless. Her father, was a decent man. He worked hard and took care of his daughter. There were times that he would blame Andromeda for the death of his wife, but he&rsquo;d immediately take it back. Andromeda was a blessing, and even during the hard times in his life, he loved her. It was when Andromeda had just started school when her father remarried. The mare he had fallen in love with was, well, not the best at being a mother. As far as Andromeda knew, the mare actually had cheated on her husband with Andromeda&rsquo;s dad, and as much as that scared her, she just wanted her father to be happy. Now that her dad wasn&rsquo;t always worried about her, it gave her some freedom. Andromeda would do whatever she could to enhance her life. She loved flying during the night and watching the stars, travelling and playing with the nearby colts and fillies. However, it seemed her friendship died down when she got caught up in books. Studying. Of course. Andro had dreams and she wanted to flourish in highschool, and during her teen years was when she discovered her abilities. To this day she doesn&rsquo;t know the cause, but she hopes to one day find out.</p>
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