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Countess Bite Madeleine

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Thestral Pony
Cutie Mark:
A heart being bitten into and subsequently bleeding
An heiress; she's never worked properly a single day in her life.
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Mature (NSFW)
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<h3 align="center"><strong><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; she said "hello? HUSH!" and hung up &nbsp;<span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;</strong></h3>
<p align="center"><img class="fr-fir fr-dii fr-draggable" src="" alt="" width="371" height="450" /><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br /><strong>b a s i c s</strong></p>
<blockquote><strong>true name:&nbsp;</strong>countess madeleine umbrage<strong>&nbsp;</strong>|&nbsp;<strong>societal name:&nbsp;</strong>bite madeleine<strong><br />nicknames:&nbsp;</strong>maddie, mads<br /><strong>gender:</strong>&nbsp;female<br /><strong>species:</strong>&nbsp;bat pony/thestral<br /><strong>sexual orientation:</strong>&nbsp;???<br /><strong>relationship status:&nbsp;</strong>single. ships, canon or non canon, accepted.<br /><strong>birthday</strong>: 31st october | adolescent; no older than 18<br /><strong>occupation</strong>: heiress<br /><strong>location</strong>: hollow shades</blockquote>
<p align="center"><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<strong>a p p e a r a n c e</strong></p>
<p align="center"><strong>height</strong>: 5'2<br /><strong>body type</strong>: petite. she's never worked hard a single day in her life and her stature reflects that. she has very little muscle and no real definition on anything. she's a graceful mare, though, and she holds herself with confidence.<br /><strong>cutiemark</strong>: a red heart being bitten into and bleeding from the wound.<br /><strong>clothing</strong>: madeleine wears a wine red bow on the back of her mane, and a collar of the same colour, with golden accents on both.<br /><strong>overall</strong>: madeleine is a dark, slightly grey, navy bat pony mare with white hooves, muzzle and underbelly. she has red wings and eyes, just a shade darker than the collar and bow she wears. her mane is also white, cut to medium length and curled at the ends. she's small, but makes herself big through her actions.&nbsp;</p>
<p align="center"><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong>s t o r y</strong></p>
<p align="center">madeleine's family is rich, with old, old money in hollow shades real estate. she's lived a life of lavish luxury and everything about her reflects it, from her perfectly manicured hooves to the carefully controlled bounce of her white bob. she's smug, yes, but that comes with a title. technically to-be lady of the umbrage family estate, she's the eldest daughter of blood moon and howlette. she has one younger sister, nipper. madeleine has lived in hollow shades for her entire life, and as such is friendly with many residents there. it's a tight-knit community, as it consists mainly of ponies that are shunned or chased out of bigger communities.</p>
<p align="center">one part of her life that bite madeleine refuses to talk about is her older brother, hugo. older by six years, he went missing when maddie was sixteen and hasn't been heard of since. the family has resigned to the idea that he is dead, apart from madeleine. often she will make plans to go and find her brother, eventually, even storing away money to run away with and hire a detective, but her plans have yet to come into fruition. she's just biding her time before the moment is right.</p>
<p align="center"><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;</span>&nbsp; &nbsp;<strong>p e r s o n a l i t y</strong></p>
<p align="center">madeleine describes herself as 'self-assured'. others, however, describe her as smug and spoiled. she's been born into intense privilege and as such can struggle to navigate just how to socialise with, as she may call them, common-folk. she's got good intentions, though, most of the time, though it may not seem so. she's a little bratty at times because she's used to getting her own way, and her catty comments can go pretty far, but she's not bad. just.. not quite there.</p>
<div class="half"><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;likes</span>&nbsp;: night, blood, getting her own way, scaring others, gossip</div>
<div class="half"><span class="fr-emoticon fr-deletable fr-emoticon-img">&nbsp;dislikes</span>&nbsp;: &nbsp;being told 'no', being told off, long periods without socialisation</div>
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