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Alicorn Pony
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Librarian, Mage, Prince of Friendship, Aspect of Magic
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Created by a spell gone wrong when Twilight attempted a new style of Teleportation, Dusk exists in a mirror world of Equestria where all genders are reversed
Like his feminine counterpart, Dusk lives as a royal in Ponyville after his numerous trials by his monarch Solaris. Up until Twilight entered his world, Dusk's life is a perfect copy of Twilight's with only genders being altered.
Misc Information:
I don't have an easy way to fit Dusk into the canoniverse. Instead, I'll be using an OC of mine once he's finished.
I'll be reserving use of Dusk for situations of PM or when he is requested in public scenarios.

Picture ain't mine. Forgot the artist but the image is easily found. If I come across its post I'll link it here.
History and Details:
<p>Dusk shares the same life story as his female version, save that he is a copy who's existence only became unique when Twilight discovered his world. She did this by accidentally entering an alternate reality and connecting it to her own when she tried to return. The connection allows both worlds to function without mirroring the other any longer, and as such Dusk's world is only a copy up until defeating Tirek. Some things remain mirrored, such as a version of Starlight Glimmer, but others, like Thorax, have yet to occur. Dusk devotes his time to studying the differences of his world to Twilight's and sharing the knowledge, allowing Twilight to live her own life without worry. He has found that Twilight's Element of Harmony does not see him as worthy to wield it, and vice versa with his own Element and Twilight. This and other mysteries are his goal to solve. Using a taxing spell he can swap worlds, but the spell can only be done once every 3 days without another Unicorn or Alicorn to supply extra magic for the portal. This often leaves him to make a difficult decision when he decides to travel between worlds, and weeks of planning must be put forth to ensure his world remains safe while he is gone.</p>
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