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Thestral Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Crow's Silhouette
Ponyville or Canterlot
Birdkeeper, Artist part-time
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
art commissioned from mintoria on DA
Birds, Singing(even though he sucks at it), Weed, Drawing, Shiny Things
Misc Information:
Corvid is a snobby bitch who thinks he's all that, when in reality he's pretty pathetic. He shows a lot of material intrest, but does care about others- he just is reluctant to show or act on it.

Violent rps are perfectly fine and honestly encouraged, but do not expect Corvid to just take a beating(unless it's been planned). Corvid can hold his own for the most part, but will submit in certain situations.

THIS CHARACTER IS VIOLENT! I'm not interested in anything cutesy or light. This character is meant to be placed in shitty situations. Fluff moments are fine but they won't be under good circumstances.

-I do third person and narrative only
-Do not act as Corvid, do not move him, do not speak as him.
-PLEASE IM me out of character if you'd like to discuss an RP. I won't respond to any unexpected messages that are in character.
-PMs are not prefered. If you are trying to reach me just IM me. telling me who you are. I usually respond quicker on discord.
-Don't take it to heart if i'm not interested in an rp.
-Please have an idea in mind if you come to me asking to RP. If you don't it's fine but I can't just pull an idea out of my ass.
-Please do not ask for any slice of life. This character really isn't that kind of pony. Most rps should have purpose for this character.
-All ERP will be Anthro for this character
History and Details:
<p>(this is a WIP because I'm rewriting this character's everything.)</p>
<p>He's intelligent, petulant and dauntless. But this is all just a facade, a mechanism to deal with his dreadful past.</p>
<p>he was born and grew up in a low-income household with his siblings and mother. Things we always rough within the family but he managed to repress his negativity as a young child, until he hit breaking points here and there. At the age of 10, Corvid began showing signs of depression and anxiety. The symptoms were very serious for such a young pony but they were disregarded by his mother until he reached age 13. By this time his mental state had worsened and he began to have ease with becoming irritated and distressed. Things never seemed to look up when it came to his mentality. In his later teenage years he developed a snarky and narcissistic personality which was a cover for his inner monologue.<br /><br />Corvid struggled with this identity as well throughout his life. He wasn't always 'Corvid'. By birth his name was Birdie and he was biologically female. Corvid came to the realization that he wasn't comfortable being female sometime in his late adolescent years. Three years after his awakening he decided it was time to come out to his family who immediately dismissed him. This fueled his depression and pumped hatred through his veins. He spiraled even further down the rabbit hole while his facade grew stronger.<br /><br />Once Corvid was thrown into adulthood he was abandoned by his family, but Corvid would rather say HE abandoned THEM. It wasn't long before he took to a life of heavy smoking and reckless choices. He made a few friends who were in similar spots as well and found refuge in their presence. Corvid found work doing small things wherever he could and by selling his art. It wasn't a lot of money but it was enough to keep him afloat until he could get onto his own two hooves steadily.</p>
<p><br />After five rough years of adulthood, Corvid finally had found a decent job.He got hired tending to a butterfly garden, specifically tending to the bird section of the green. He feeds them, waters the plants, socializes them, and overall just makes sure the birds are living their best lives. He also has to catch them when they escape so that they don't go eating the butterflies...<br />(wip)<br />Corvid DOES have a partner but is polyamorous.&nbsp;</p>
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