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Thestral Pony
Cutie Mark:
A Crow's Silhouette
Bartender/Barista, Does Odd Jobs
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
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Birds, Singing, Weed, Drawing,
art commissioned from mintoria on DA

icon by sI0ne on DA
Misc Information:
Corvid is a snobby bitch who thinks he's all that, when in reality he's pretty pathetic. He doesn't care for much other than himself, and when he does care about something he is reluctant to show it.

Violent rps are perfectly fine and honestly encouraged, but do not expect Corvid to just take a beating(unless it's been planned). Corvid can hold his own for the most part, but will submit in certain situations.

THIS CHARACTER IS VIOLENT! I'm not interested in anything cutesy or light. This character is meant to be placed in shitty situations. Fluff moments are fine but they won't be under good circumstances.

-I do third person and narrative only
-Do not act as Corvid, do not move him, do not speak as him.
-PLEASE IM me out of character if you'd like to discuss an RP. I won't respond to any unexpected messages that are in character.
-PMs are not prefered. If you are trying to reach me just IM me. telling me who you are. I usually respond quicker on discord.
-Don't take it to heart if i'm not interested in an rp.
-Please have an idea in mind if you come to me asking to RP. If you don't it's fine but I can't just pull an idea out of my ass.
-Please do not ask for any slice of life. This character really isn't that kind of pony. Most rps should have purpose for this character.
History and Details:
<p>Corvid comes from a broken family. He lived with his mother and older brother while growing up, both of them being very abusive verbally and occasioanally physically. Corvid somehow managed to push through his problems with a smile on his face until he reached adulthood.&nbsp;<br /><br />Corvid deals with depression and anger issues(but what pony doesn't?) and often lashes out when he doesn't get his way. He is very materialistic, but he is overly generous when it comes to helping others. He doesn't cope well with stress but will occasionally retreat indoors to draw and write until he feels better.<br /><br />Corvid doesn't value himself and has extremely low confidence, causing himself to make rash desicions and not think things through. He makes bad choices in the heat of the moment and quickly finds himself regretting them yet he never seems to learn. While he can be emotionally generous he does have his bouts of selfishness and apathy.&nbsp;<br /><br />Not only does Corvid struggle with anger and depression but he has issues with understanding other's emotions and where the come from. He can't seem to put himself in their shoes but he does make an attempt to...sometimes.<br /><br />During one of Corvid's most recent long-term breakdowns he met a beautiful older mare named Ros&eacute;(Not Rose, but Ros&eacute;) while he was out on one of his midnight trips to the bar. Corvid was in one of his worst mental states ever when the mare found him brooding over a glass of rum. She took intrerest in his looks before she did his personality and decided to strike up a conversation.&nbsp;<br /><br />From that point on their realtionship began with a couple drinks and late nights in her bed but soon they both would realize that they had caught feelings for one another. In a desperate attempt to ignore those feelings they would avoid each other for some time, but that quickily ended.&nbsp;<br /><br />Corvid had found someone who gave him the proper attention he needed and as an added bonus, she knew how to fuck him right too. After their long break he found his way back to her doorstep and confessed his love for her. Ros&eacute; was reluctant to admit her own feelings but took him in regardless.<br /><br /><br />-WIP-<br /><br />Corvid DOES have a partner but is polyamourus.&nbsp;</p>
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