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Unicorn Pony
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Fountain pen with a rose behind it
At the Inkwell
Stationery Shop Owner and Author
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Mature (NSFW)
Volta is a bit taller than the average mare but shorter than most stallions. She has a slightly svelte yet curvy build due to frequent exercise. Her coat is soft lilac color while her mane are royal blue and muted plum purple. Because of her hair’s length, she opts to keep it in an updo or a plait. Her eyes have the same shape as Rarity but her eye color is aqua. Despite rumors that she uses false eyelashes, her lashes are all natural. The young mare is her young adulthood but seems quite mature for her age.

Personality wise, Volta is the type of pony who is always there to give a helping hoof. Because her store is in the middle of Canterlot's shopping district, she can be seen giving tourist directions or recommending other shops for them to visit. She is very passionate about all things writing which inspired her to open her store in the first place. On occasion, she holds calligraphy lessons for a small fee. When she has some free time, she enjoys taking a stroll around the city or attending gatherings. Generally, she is a simple pony with a calm and friendly disposition.
•Cute stationery
•Wine and cocktails
•Helping her friends
Misc Information:
*About her name: While Volta means "to turn" in Italian, her name in this case is a literary device in sonnets. In a sonnet, the volta is the turn of thought or argument.
* I don't have any character art of her yet. Sorry! ;~;
* Literate roleplay only please! The length doesn't matter to me as long it's 2+ sentences.
* 3rd person only!
* No godmodding.
* No gore.
History and Details:
<p>*~Being revised at the moment. Message me if you have any questions!~*</p>
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