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Crystal Pony
Changeling Queen
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Mature (NSFW)
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[b]♡ Pony Form ♡[/b]

Ran has a grey-crystalline coat with dreadlock-like pulled up cyan and light yellow colors highlighting her mane and tail. She has yellow-ish eyes and has eyelashes similar to Rarities.
Her cutiemark is a blue whirlpool with highlighting water in the middle.

[b]♡ Changeling/Aqualing Form ♡[/b]

Ran is a somewhat tall Changeling/Aqualing Queen with a Oxford-Steal blue carapace, mane and tail color and wing color. Her horn points up similar to a unicorns horn with twice the length and she has fin-like holed wings. Her mane is somewhat shortish and swoops over to the left of her eyes with multiple holes lining it and her tail looks similar to a holed leaf.

Her eyes look similar to Chrysalis with a blue tint and she has sharp fangs that can rip through most meats.
Misc Information:
Ran Aquamarine

Aqualing [Changeling Sub-species]

Female [Flexible]



[b][u]RP Preferences[/u][/b]
Typing Style: Narrative Style.
Genres: Slice of Life, Adventure, etc.
Universe: Canon Universe.

[b][u]Abilities and Skills[/u][/b]
Biologically, Ran has the ability to breath and swim underwater at extreme depths and temperatures, being able to swim at a rate of 50 mph and being able to withstand temperatures of below zero, due to being hatched deep within the ocean waters.

Being a Changeling, she has no defined talent, though she is more inclined more towards white magic than the brute force most Changelings have. Her spells often have a elegant finish to them.

[u]Known Types of Magic[/u]
[b]Normal Level[/b]
- Standard Telekinesis
- Teleportation
- Mind-related Magic
- Most Changeling related spells.

[b]High Level/Masteries[/b]
- [i]Water/Ice Magic[/i]
- [i]Healing/Regeneration Magic[/i]
- Light Manipulation/Constructs
- Nature Related Spells

[b][u]Work, Banking and Assets[/u][/b]
Job: Owner of/Head Doctor at Fins and Friends Veterinary Clinic. | Doubles as a Physician for Sea Ponies.
Hours and Days: Works from 6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday through Friday.
Paycheck: 51 bits per Hour, 2025 per week, 739,125 in a year.
Current Bank Amount: 75,685.42 bits
Bits in Saddlebag: 250 bits.

Ran owns a somewhat large veterinary care building that doubles as her house, along with all the equipment inside. She also owns a saddlebag.

- 250 Bits
- Compass
- Map

History and Details:
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"Why steal something that is so readily given?" - Ran, on love.
Other Characters I Play - Pimento Pepper, Nightshade, Drizzle Drop, Queen Novo.