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Gear Head the inventor.

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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Two interlocked brass gears.
Ponyville, at his shop.
Tinkerer, novice smith, watchmaker, toymaker.

Business partner with Pixel.
It's Complicated
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Mature & Violent
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Gear head is a brown stallion with darker brown hair. He has blue, happy eyes.

Gear head's nicknames are: Gear (Anyone), Gears (Anyone),
and Gearbutt (Intimate).

Gear's cutie mark was earned when he was young, he read about a myth that involved some pony who built mechanical wings and flew too close to the sun. He loved the story so much that he attempted to recreate this, and actually managed to create his own pair of mechanical wings. Sadly, he broke the wings (And three of his legs) upon a hard crash landing. He is currently looking into trying to recreate these wings.

Strengths: Creative, adaptable, enjoys mental challenges, good with mechanical things. Trusting. Caring. Easy to befriend.

Weaknesses: Fear of failure, occasional lack of confidence. Slight occasional anxiety. Naive.
Gear Head has always loved machines, building them, taking them apart, designing them, you name it. He loves a challenge, and puzzles are his idea of fun. He also is an amateur cook, and, admittedly, his cooking is hit or miss. He also likes smithing, although he usually only does it when he needs custom parts made.
Misc Information:
(This profile is by no means finished. I have lots more work to do here.)

Kinds of RP and my preferences.

All: I like to keep all RP in the same canon, with the exceptions of anthro, most ERP, and anything crazy, which are their own canons. So be careful when doing something that may change Gear's life. You can and will affect other RPs.

ERP: If you want a friends with benefits relationship, that works. But I would really prefer for there to be downtime in between. So friends with benefits should mean "friends" as well.

Romance: Complicated, let's keep that to an AU.

Adventure: *Indiana Jones theme* In all seriousness, I LOVE adventure. Traps, danger, monsters, survival. It's awesome. Don't kill the OC though. However, a non-permanent injury can happen. But when it comes to danger, I like to roll dice to see how we do. That way it's actually somewhat risky. I can do graphic violence or not. Your choice, tell me beforehand.

Grimdark: Speaking of violence. I can do violence. I like to read darkfics and such. And I can let things get really messed up if you let me go crazy with this genre. And, on the other hoof. I can handle just about any dark theme. As long as Gear is not permanently injured or killed. I can deal. It can get as messed up as your psychotic little mind can get.

Drama: Ooh, spicy! Anything from trying to fit in to having to deal with some major issues in day-to-day life.

Slice of life: Lovely, absolutely lovely. Just hanging out and talking about our respective other adventures, going out for ice cream, and learning about each other. Or staying inside in the rain with cocoa. Waiting for a train on a warm summer night. You get the idea. It can be a generic day-to-day interaction, it doesn't even need to be too long. This can turn into drama after some time.

Appearing in other RP: If you feel like I'm worth seeking out to bring me into another RP, and i'm online, I'm game!

Non show canon: Ask me first about any sort of AU. I LOVE the steampunk genre, and while this show already has some steampunk tech, I like over the top victorian steampunk as well. And technopunk is just as great.
History and Details:
<p><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/1519_1514922961.png" alt="" /></p>
<p>Infancy: Gear was born to canterlot nobility, and literally had a silver spoon in his mouth from birth. He was pampered and petted and given everything he ever wanted.</p>
<p>Early childhood: He was expected to grow up to be a watchmaker, or perhaps make clocks. And so he was taught these things alongside the upper class things like William shakespeare's plays, and poetry and whatnot.</p>
<p>Late childhood: His tutoring was continued into his later childhood. and around this time he began to learn about what HE wanted out of life, and began to think for himself. This is also when he began magic tutoring, and learned more than basic levitation. He showed a proficiency in levitation magic around this time. He got his cutie mark when he managed to build a pair of mechanical wings, that allowed him to fly for a short while, unfortunately, he didn't know how to land. He got four broken legs.</p>
<p>Early teens: The rebellious phase was also the last phase he spent at his home. Eventually managing to get kicked out over a dispute over some ethical concerns. He managed to get odd jobs as he worked his way to ponyville. A place he always wanted to visit. His parents always spoke poorly of the place, and this was his middle finger up to them.</p>
<p>Late teens: Slowly working his way up, he eventually managed to reconcile with his parents, and was no longer cut off from the family fortune. He used his new resources to buy a house and start a shop in ponyville. He now gets along relatively well with his parents. Who had eventually contacted him again, and apoligized. He occasionally visits them in canterlot, but it's still a bit uncomfortable remembering what happened.</p>
<p>Early adulthood: Finally content, he now lives in ponyville as a happy citizen. He works as a smith and clockmaker, among other things. He is very friendly, and loves visitors, and customers, of course. His shop sells many things, watches, clocks, and wind up toys. He also can occasionally make some more complex machines, like the bronze wings that he built to get his cutie mark.</p>
<p>"Military career": Gear occasionally works with the R&amp;D department of the Guard. And he does some work with the Lunar Guard as well. His inventive mind, and the engineering skills of the Guard are mutually beneficial.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Gear loves animals and food. He's not the best cook in the world, but he has some good recipies, it's when he improvises or cooks on his own that it gets chancy. He loves adventure, and will often ignore common sense to do some inane stunt. Almost conflictingly, he is usually reserved and quiet. He likes a good book and a cup of tea. He likes to invent, and... well, has limited success.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Gear's special talent is more abstract than just machinery, he has learned. It is an increased understanding of the physical world and how it functions. This allows him to use telekenesis to do things that are unusual for most unicorns. Like lifting unusually heavy loads, or heating or cooling things by causing the molecules to vibrate or slow down.</p>
<p>Magic stats and such:</p>
<p><strong>Levitation:</strong> Gear uses mostly levitation to solve his problems. And, out of necessity, and lots of practice, can use levitation to hold heavy or fast moving objects.</p>
<p><strong>Teleport</strong>:&nbsp;Basic teleportation, no teleporting out of line of sight without risk of teleporting inside a wall.</p>
<p><strong>Magelight:&nbsp;</strong>Simply put, he makes his horn glow as if he were casting a spell, but the spell itself is creating light. It varies in strength depending on the amount of energy put in.</p>
<p><strong>Enchantments:</strong> Minor (And sometimes major.) enchantments to objects, like making something conduct magic to power a machine, the example is the Flim Flam Brother's crazy cider contraption. He uses this to make toys and simple machines. A wind-up pegasus that can fly, for example. This is his second specialization, and is loosely related to his special talent.</p>
<p><strong>At a soothsayer's.</strong></p>
<p>Gear gave the pony his hooves, and closed his eyes.</p>
<div id="arrowchat_message_577679">
<div data-id="12:26am">He felt a tingling in his subconcious as she reached in, feeling his past. It would feel satisfying, like a sneeze, when she began, memories resurfacing. <em>"You where born so comfortably.. so happy. Cared for every moment... you were often taken care of by nannies and caretakers, not always seeing you parents, leaving you a bit empty in that part of your life. Later you would see them more, but you could never regain that, despite the luxury. You tried to invent and enjoy life, imagining to soar above the clouds, despite your failure, and broken shins you flew.. I can feel how you felt... the wind blowing cool against your face. The most peaceful you've ever felt.. above all your problems... above everyone.. but without responsibility.."</em></div>
<div id="arrowchat_message_577680">
<div id="arrowchat_message_577681">
<div data-id="12:27am">Gear took a deep breath. Not wanting to stop her yet.</div>
<div id="arrowchat_message_577682">&nbsp;</div>
<div id="arrowchat_message_577684">
<div data-id="12:35am">She snagged on his teens. <em>"A zebra... one of your best friends, was helping you with an invention adding some things that were... against your parents moral code... your parents didn't like that... it escalated... you where hurt. You left. Despite your rebellion, you never saw your friend again. Sometimes you think of them and wonder what could have been different... but after they apologized, you became content with them... although you hold a grudging stubborness against them and that way of life. That gives you strength, your stubborness... You are confident... aren't you... Now about to become a guard.. I&nbsp;think I'm done."</em></div>
<div id="arrowchat_message_577686">
<div data-id="12:36am">Gear takes a shuddering breath in, many memories resurfaced from long ago. as if they were just lived. Perhaps they were.</div>
<div data-id="12:36am">&nbsp;</div>
<div data-id="12:36am">&nbsp;</div>
<div data-id="12:36am">-From an RP with Aurora.</div>
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