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Unicorn Pony
Cutie Mark:
Airship Captain
Ex-Commander of the Storm Army
It's Complicated
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Tempest is a tall, thin Unicorn with a dark orchid coat and a rose colored mane in a sort of Mohawk. An injury as a foal severed her horn, leaving her unable to perform basic magic without endangering those around her. She lacks a cutiemark, having left the pony society to become a minion of a faraway king, and abandoning her pony life.
Myths and Legends
Alternative magic
Misc Information:
RP Rules:
1. No spontaneous romance
2. Try to stay canon (if you have seen the movie)
3. Don't be afraid to ask

Character Notes:
Tempest's story will be developing from her defeat onwards
Anything, unless stated otherwise, is canonical and unrealistic situations will be discredited from this canon.
Tempest will be ever-developing, gaining friends, foes and changing physically and mentally as a pony.

Tempest will be living in one of the many rooms of the castle, but will not be a primary student of Twilight, preferring to simply study in her own way. However, she has a curfew and cannot leave the town of Ponyville without informing the Princess beforehand, due to her past endeavors.
History and Details:
<p>After her defeat at the hands of Twilight and friends, Tempest now lives among the residents of Ponyville under the name Fizzlepop, often cooped up in the castle reading everything she can find involving magic. Her goal is still the same, restoring her horn, but she is also willing to learn new magics that can be used in her predicament.</p>
<p>Fizz in possession of little, though she is not poor by any means. She is given an allowance to research and travel, as well as access to most archives regarding magic. A makeshift workshop located behind the castle grounds stores the remains of her airship, crashed and destroyed by the Storm King's use of the Staff of Sacanas.</p>
<p>Currently Fizz is doing little to grow socially as a pony. She intends to make friends when she can, but it comes second to her ultimate goal. Though the lack of stress with her past has let her open up and show her true colors as a talkative mare capable of snapping off jokes and puns like most others.</p>
<p>She has been working on nailing down a talent, but both her fireworks and her piloting skills seem adequate, and she is too indecisive to accept one for fear it may leave her to regret the mark she gains.</p>
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