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Pegasus Pony
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Rainbow lighting cloud.
Wonderbolt,Ponyville weather patrol,Element
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
A light steady and regular sized cyan coated rainbow maned mare pegasus,As though having her own recently used strength by strong feathery wings along with athletic posture to keep rather flying for a while from way past far distances,Added by a very few touches on her light/darkish magenta colored eyes as In nice easy complexion,Being pretty laid back on the slick smooth & soft mane down to tail,Sharp clipped tips nearby the edges from relatively family an years of high winds ,Rough crashes,Keeping a best to well kept groomed appearance overall.
Flying,Awesomeness,Relaxing,Pranks,Wandering,Loved ones,Wonderbolts,Helping,Practicing,Daring Do & comics,Pals,Cider,Epic Adventures,Missons(Sometimes)
Misc Information:
.| No Godmodding! please...It just makes it easier for us both to control our characters on our own,And only think it is fair,I'm glad if you understand that.

| No too OP characters,I can't handle,Or stress that enough,Too much things could get way out of control,Soon likely boring,Dash pretty much already proved out to how much her limits could handle,Without much power into it,With no stopping to it,Things really wouldn't be for any good use anyways.

| I'm a narrative Roleplayer,So by saying that,Mostly good and most likely better in that type of way,I like it,Also i don't mind if your not a narrative RPer,But i just prefer it over most others,So if so that is great.

| If you are needed to talk to me in OOC,I just ask of you to please use the following> // or (( Just so i know,And it is much easier,If you do that not much of any kind of confusion during things,

|Rps i'll do|-Adventure,-Mystery,-Slice of life,-Romance,Comedy
-Grimdark ((Somewhat some sort*Notice me first))
-Anything else?> ((Also notice first plz))

| I know this one is most common for us all at times,But if we become friends for some reason,Any reason,I am more likely to talk with all of new pals,In case of starting something like RP,Only if would like,If not,Some OOC chat isn't bad,Just not too personal..Anyways as I said,Don't be scared,I'd think It's awesome to see new friends! I much rather remain to being loyal than spoiled.

|Crossovers: Are aloud for me to RP into,And definitely will,I'll try my best if i know a crossover a bit,Enough for me to know what is the whole point of it,Ones i do know,Will just be a nice easy going RP into it,And if i don't really know it sorry. I'll either have to do that certain one a little later,Or not do it at all,Or make up another one instead,That we both could most likely know about.

|Grammer: Isn't such a huge big deal to me,I know some of us all aren't always good at it,And things,Same with me I'm not always good at it,But manage to get what i can do right in the best way i can,If a mess up on typos,And what not,Totally understandable,As long if I know what you were trying to say or mean,The only problem i fear is mistakenly misunderstand,Then do something that's out of order.

| I for one am not very much picky,only being Semi-Selective for who I RP with,Only sometimes,If i feel like i can't RP that,Might have to change things up a bit then,Overall I can rp with about most,Just message me,PMs or IMs,And ask to rp with me about something, Any ideas for sharing are cool with me.

|If i don't respond to a message,It's not that I'm not going to ever do it,Or trying to ignore unless otherwise a reason for it,Only just a bit of time taking is needed,If I'm already replying to Others,Or having to go until whatever.

| Please if would like,Ask or tell me if you would like a Rp to be Canon or Non-Canon,For adding to my list,If not then it will just be a Non-Canon one of course,I'm not just gonna cancel you out if it's not canon,I'm really friendly if you are too,Nothing much,Just a reminder not too serious.

|Rp choices: I mostly only Rp in PM an IMs recently))Not really much in few chatrooms,It's rarely If I do so for any case. I may not really be as too good doing RPs in that sort of way,Even if It's a fun way of grouping,I may be quiet keeping track of msgs,Otherwise I'd be lost.

|Canon/Non-Canon Rps: Not all things with my Dash has to be Canon,Even if I will tend to do that most often,Unless In which case,If any other character from a certain different point timeline or view would like to RP with her that way,As in which before some future updates,As for myself I'm pretty always recent on canon Verses.

|PM rps messages: Both OOC/RP terms,It isn't too bad,But could get annoying sometimes or most every once in a while,Please I ask of you not to spam me continuously for fun or If worried,I know and understand that you might feel like I won't respond or something,But I will try when I can,Kinda just bothers me to keep getting the same messages,It may take a while if the current response is a long one,So It could get read over,If short then faster the response when not busy.

| Dash isn't really going to be adopting anypony being their mother or something like that,Unless for some reason,But for the most part not much likely or really going to happen anytime soon ,It'll need to be a work In progress,She does has a little Sister Scootaloo that is already on her hooves that were taken under her wing,Anyway Meanwhile...
[Dash's Parents are (Bow Hothoof/And Windy Whistles) for me/They Also apart of her canon family .

|Starters: with me don't have to be very long,About 3-4 how long whatever sentences to para you like would work for me,I can adjust,Though please no one word ones if it's a starter like["Hey [Looks to her,Just doesn't go with me well,At least for the random RP types that aren't nothing but a greeting,But besides that I will also try my best to apply to the number of sentences,That you think is most likely acceptable (If listed),With my best efforts,If I'm starting a current starter.
History and Details:
<p>Rainbow Dash grew up in Cloudsdale,For her childhood life,She also lived mostly along with her father and mother Bow Hothoof and Windy Wistles, She had really no problem with getting around by herself and things like that as a young filly,She also tried her best to ignore most all of the ponies that would try to get to her,Luckily her parents still had her back by pretty much any trail ahead,In fear of some Dash's other minner issue lead to embarrassment for not really being all Intended for her family members to really say much In the wrongest times secretly,Even If was done with love,In any other way things could've turned out from the slightest opposite way than expected,Other thoughts though still strongly keeping up to her highest dreams and potential she had A couple of friends that she'd make as a filly,But Fluttershy was the first,Along with also knowing her parents too,Dash liked and enjoyed having great times with her anytime that she could,Sooner later made friends with Gilda the griffin at Junior speedsters flight Camp during the actual school years were happening in the beginning,Teaching and showing her around,And how to ignore all of the bad things to move on becoming the best she could be.</p>
<p>Dash enjoyed thinking about great flyers other then her,And even more better,She really also tended to enjoy her most best heros as a child the Wonderbolts,She would always think of them everytime she would've thought to be one herself,She loved to buy and get all of their collectibles along with it.Hoping to be one herself one day,Encouraging her to not give up on her dreams and move on forward herself.</p>
<p>Dash would always train all the time when she had the chance,Flying around doing flips and turns showing her skills and moves off to every other filly,Who else that it was pretty amazing theirselves,Especially since Summer Flight Camp was starting again next time.</p>
<p>Dash was ready for whatever they had planned to do for flying training for that day watching as every filly was showing how much they improved since other times,She have also watched as her friend Fluttershy was going to do the same,Hoping the best of luck for her,Until she didn't quite make it through along with flying.</p>
<p>Dash felt bad as everypony even the teacher thinking that it was funny for her not being able to fly like others,Dash knew the feeling of being laughed at in front of everypony else,As well as those bullies she knew that picked on her for failing too.</p>
<p>Even she wasn't the best at times,Crashing into objects around her if she was to show off her stunts to others.She quickly would fly down to Fluttershy defending her from the bullies,And also accepting the challenge that was given,To show those bullies not to mess with the wrong ponies,And the only way to do so was competing in a race against all three of the young colts.</p>
<p>Dash didn't really pay much attention at the point of the starting line,But she was ready to start the race,So that she could not only defend her best friend,But show other ponies what she had,Just at the flag was waved,She started off with a fast zip across everypony,Trying her best not to get off guard from their minds of cheating,Pushing her to the side,She got off from the track,With only a few more left to go from the colt pushing her to the side.</p>
<p>She then tried her best as she continued to fly,Trying to catch up to him,Going faster every second Before noticing that she was going really fast then any other pony have ever gone before,As she started a big sound wave in the sky going down,Turning in a sonic rainboom.</p>
<p>She just have managed to get her cutie mark,Looking down back to her flank noticing a rainbow lighting cloud,Dash was very much excited and happy for this moment to finally come,She also was very glad that she won the race for her,And her friend Fluttershy,Hearing as everypony was cheering for her loving the awesomeness in the moment as it was happening,Returning back to Cloudsdale after,Not much sure for where She have went,But must of thought that she have left back home after,Like all the rest of the fillies did,Doing the same,Waiting to tell the great news and see her again later.</p>
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