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A pair of dimensional scissors
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Race: Mewman

This is still a WIP
Fighting monsters, travelling dimensions, playing the electric guitar and rocking out.
Misc Information:
Alright, first off, yes, I am twelve, but almost thirteen. And also yes, I know how to roleplay. When you sneak onto sites just because you're bored at age ten, you know how act maturely and how to use proper grammar and do third person narrative roleplay. This said, I will not do any form of NSFW and/or violent roleplay. I'm alright with some fighting, cause that's just what this character does, but only minor gore. I ask for all of my RPs to be kept in the PG-13 range, and if they get out of that, then the RP will be immediately dropped.

And yes, this is a SVFOE OC, so some things (a lot of things) that Lana does will not make sense in a canon Equestrian setting, but because of the different dimension thing, I have made it work. So, things that she brings up will just be part of another dimension because she has travelled from there.

But anyway, I'd really love to roleplay with you, so just send me a PM and we can discuss something!

History and Details:
<p>Lana Cresent Eclipse was born a normal mewman, being in what was considered the 'middle class'. She had one sister, Clover Eclipse, who was older and obsessed with the lore and history of the dimension. Lana however, was bored with thier puny dimension and wanted to see more. So, borrowing a pair of dimensional scissors from a friend's father, at the age of ten, she set out on her journey to earn her own.</p>
<p>Sixteen years later...</p>
<p>A portal was opened at her house and out stepped the 'ten' year old Lana Eclipse wearing a tattered black cape and a pair of scissors in her hand. She had earned them, and now it was time to explore.</p>
<p>In those sixteen years she had discovered a love for rock, playing the electric guitar, and kicking monster's butts. She then started her own single band:&nbsp;<em>Scissor Happy</em>, and began to explore.</p>
<p>After three years of rocking out and monster fighting, the now teenager discovered Equestria and decided it was the perfect place to open up a shop that sold odd things from other dimensions and just settle down. She bought some land, and with the help of a spell, created both a house and shop. It was&nbsp;<em>Lana's Oddity Shoppe&nbsp;</em>by day, and her mansion by night. Though, sometimes the spell went a bit wonky and the shop took the place of an abandoned house in Canterlot, teleporting the mewmare with it.</p>
<p>Though, she still adventures, rocks out, and takes time out of her life to just have fun and make friends.</p>
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"It's gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild. I ain't from round here, I'm from another dimension!~"