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D. Cpt. Ezekael Camdon Royal Physician, M.D.

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Military Rank:
Mercy Guard: Doctor Captain (D. Cap.) / Flight Surgeon (F.S.)
Standing Commander of the Mercy Guard and Royal Physician for The Crown
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Ezekael is an albino gryphon; half African Crowned Eagle and half Lion. His beak and talons are a deep yellow, and his eyes are a crimson red. His feathers and fur are the purest of white, and are thicker than most gryphons. Due to constant upkeep by the gryphon, they are almost as soft as silk to the touch.
Misc Information:
No ERP. Ezekael is a taken bird.

Please know how to spell. I didn't study how to translate jibberish in high school, I studied English.
Please don't try and fight Ezekael. While he can defend himself, he took an oath when he became a doctor. The Oath of Hippocrates. He vowed to never hurt another soul, and do all he could to help others no matter who they are or what they've done.
History and Details:
<p><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="wall_uploads/133_1533192798.png" alt="" /><br /><br />Ezekael was raised in the Ponyville Orphanage from the day he was hatched til he reached the age of 16. Being not only a gryphon among ponies, but an albino as well he never felt that he had a place with others. That all changed when he enlisted into the Mercy Guard on his 16th birthday. Having spent his whole life reading books and studying instead of socializing, he would excel past his peers through the ranks. His time in the guard took away his social anxiety, and helped him bloom into the confident gryphon he is today. With his skills and new social charm, he reached the rank of Doctor Captain and took command of the Mercy Guard at the young age of 23.</p>
<p><br />It was then that war began. Ezekael's loyalties were torn between the ponies that raised him and his own kind. He chose his brothers and sisters in the guard over his fellow gryphons, and served those three horrid years fixing up gryphon and pony alike that ended up on his table. After failing to bring a chick of his likeness back to life from a deadly magic attack, the gryphon's mind shattered. He received a section 8 discharge. <br /><br />After near a year of psychological help he was released, and made his way to the town he was raised in. After becoming close with many, along with his adoptive sister Alona, he returned to the happy self he once was before the war. He even brought a child into the world by the name of Evangelica, who he calls 'Daddy's little Angel'. <br /><br />The griff soon overcame his nightmares and fears, and eventually went through a panel of psychiatrists to return into the Mercy Guard. He now proudly wears the same rank he war when he left the service, and does everything he can to make sure everyone gets the help they deserve with the help of his second in command and personal assistant in medicine; Doctor Commander Lillac.</p>
<p><br />Even though he thought he had all he'd ever need, the gryphon found himself something he never knew he needed more. The gryphon found himself a bird named Solarus, one that he fell in love with. One that filled a hole in his heart that he never knew was there. Before long Ezekael popped the big question to her, and now the two are happily married together. For now, they are looking forward to making a family of their own.</p>
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