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​Aset, due to her young age, is a rather playful sphinx. She loves attention, which probably is something she misses the most, after being turned into nothing more than a story during those long years. She really enjoys playing and caring about children, she likes nature a lot. She is also loyal, curious and patient. Aset also really likes riddles. She loves riddles. But she does them for fun, she won't actually eat a pony who can't solve her riddle. Unless it's someone trying to rob her temple... Then, depending on what they do after finding out there's a sphinx guarding the place, she'll let them go, ask them a riddle and let them go if they solve it, or eat them if they don't, or she'll just eat them. Depends on her mood too. And due to the fact she's rather lonely, she likes to have a little conversation before deciding what to do with the intruder. She also likes to make others think that she is the one who created the world, a god. Even though she isn't. But ponies who see a creature that shouldn't exist are willing to believe in many things.
Misc Information:
- No godmodding, overpowered characters, controlling my character, etc. This one's pretty common, I'm sure everyone knows it too well.
- No ERP. Sorry, not really into that. Romance is fine, but I'm afraid it's going to be very hard to woo my little sphinx. Beside that pretty much any type of RP is fine, as long as it's interesting.
- Don't be rude, mean or offensive towards me. It's fine if it's a part of our RP though.
- I'm always happy to talk, so go ahead and message me if you're looking for a chat! I'll be happy to provide my Discord too.
- Most importantly, have fun! That's what we're all here for, after all.

History and Details:
<p>Aset's life began thousands of years ago. Noone, not even she, knew how exactly she came to existance, she just was there, as if she had always been there. Her purpose was to protect the Second Dynasty of pharaohs. To protect the living pharaoh, and to protect the ones that had already passed away, making sure that noone disturbed their eternal rest in their tombs. The Second Dynasty, however, didn't last long. Total of five pharaohs ruled over the course of about two hundred years. For a pony, of course, that's quite a long. For a sphinx however, it isn't.</p>
<p>An average sphinx needs about five hundred years to grow into a full sized creature. Upon birth, or rather 'appearance', they however are already creatures fully capable of talking, rational thinking and decision making, and basicly everything else that a fully grown pony can do. However, in their first years, they aren't very big. At first, they're as big as an adult pony. To grow into their full size, which is roughly ten times the size of a grown up pony, they need about five hundred, sometimes up to even a thousand, years. Sphinxes' aging process is strictly connected with the dinasty they serve under; the longer the dynasty lasts, the older the sphinx gets. The older the sphinx gets, the more it grows, until it reaches its full size.</p>
<p>Aset's short-lived dynasty wasn't enough for a sphinx to fully grow up. When the last pharaoh of the Second Dynasty, Khasekhemwy, passed away, Aset stopped growing and was left with her current size, around five times fully grown stallion, for the rest of her life.</p>
<p>Khasekhemwy rested in a temple called Umm el-Qa'ab, in an ancient city of Abdju. Aset had to continue her duty, protecting the pharaoh's tomb forever. And so she was closed within the temple, to guard the place forever, while watching an outside world move on.</p>
<p>After a while however, the city experienced a drought, longer than ever. The town's supplies were running out fast, ponies barely had anything to drink and eat. Eventually ponies even started dying and it seemed like the rain would never come again. Aset, seeing the tragedy, ponies begging the gods for mercy, for the first time left the temple. She ripped out one of her feathers, which immediately turned into a solid gold. She stuck the feather into the ground and soon the river filled with water again, plants regrew and the city was full of happy life once more. The effect of course wasn't eternal, one feather can last for around fifty years, and during that time it slowly turns into stone, as if the gold within it was carrying the power that kept the city alive. For a feather to regrow, however, it takes ten times longer, a total of five hundred years. The stone feather still stands in the city, now called Abydos, reminding its ponies of that story.</p>
<p>As for the sphinx, however, she wasn't seen again. It was told she returned to the temple, to continue her task. Which was what she did. However, since that day, even though she was not supposed to leave the temple, she left it many times. No adult has ever seen her. But Aset absolutely loves children. So pretty often, when the parents weren't looking, she would sneak up and play with their foals. Sphinxes are very quick and agile, so she has never been spotted. So, do you maybe remember playing with a sphinx as a young foal, but always thought it was just a dream, or your imagination? Well if you do, chances are, this actually did happen.</p>
<p>Now, of course, it would be hard for her to be sneaky while being such a large creature. Sphinxes, despite not having any horns, can use magic, if they're old enough. Aset unfortunately didn't get to grow up fully, so she doesn't have this ability. The temple, however, acts like a magic booster for sphinxes. That is where they practise magic while being young, so that they can use its full potential right after reaching their full age. So withing the temple Aset's able to use magic. Only the simple spells however, mainly telekinesis. But the very basic spell, which every sphinx is able to perform, is size changing spell. She can't have any size but she can easily switch between her normal big size and a size of roughly a big stallion. Which is the size she has always taken before leaving her home.</p>
<p>Nowadays, Aset is nothing but a myth. A sphinx which saved the town and guards the pharaoh's tomb. She is seen as a perfect mother, patroness of nature, goddess of cultivated land and fields, friend of slaves, sinners, but also listener of the wealthy and rulers. She is a representation of pharaoh's power. Noone believes she actually exists, but she still leaves the temple fairly often and watches the outside world, or plays with foals, while their parents aren't looking.</p>
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