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Lady Moonlit Nocturne

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Thestral Pony
Cutie Mark:
A partially shining moon
Head of the Lunar Appreciation Society
Matriarch of House Nocturne
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Moonlit Nocturne is a mare of average height and is of a slender build. Her coat is a middling to dark shade orchid shade. Her mane and tail, which were originally a deep shade of midnight blue, are now fading into a pale creamy shade of off-white. Although her fashion changes from day to day, the most common articles she wears are her pale gold yoke and headdress with yellow gold and silver chains. The membrane of her wings and ears are a dull, grayish periwinkle color (although her wings fade into off-white near the tips; there are also freckles of this color on her wings throughout).
All things dealing with the night, fine wines, music, social events, and reading.
Misc Information:
1. I'm only looking for narrative RPers with a preference for those who use third person. While I don't think I'll have to worry about that on this site, I'm still putting this as a rule just in case.

2. I have a life outside of roleplay. Sometimes I don't have the time to reply to something immediately or even on the same day if my schedule becomes too hectic. Please give me the space and time I need. However, if five days have passed without me replying, please give me a nudge. My memory is awful and occasionally I do forget.

3. Romance may happen but don't insist on it. I think there is more value in something that develops between characters naturally than something forced. If my character turns your character down, please respect that.

4. If romance does happen between our characters that does not mean we, as mods, are dating. I am not interested in a relationship at this time.
History and Details:
Moonlit Nocturne in a mare born to an important family of thestral nobility. As the only child she inherited the estate and everything inside of it when her parents died in a cart accident not too long after her 36th birthday. For four years she has worked almost endlessly to make the place not only a suitable home for herself but a perfect meeting location for the Lunar Appreciation Society; a club dedicated to celebrating the beauty of Princess Luna's night.

Moonlit Nocturne is known to be charismatic and, despite her soft spoken nature, seems to have the ear of many of political influencers in Canterlot. Although many think she is a brainless, prissy member of the nobility in truth she's wickedly intelligent and an expert at hiding her true motives.

With her love of playing hostess, Moonlit Nocturne is usually planning some social event for the Lunar Appreciation Society.

There are several choice rumors about her but I prefer that those get revealed during roleyplay.
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