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Queen Fritter Crimson (AKA Autumn Oak) of The Waspling Hive

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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
Chisel With A Magic Aura Around it
The Everfree Forest
Queen of The Soon To Be Waspling Hive
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:
Autumn is a normally sized tannish coated mare with a reddish-brown mane in a punk-hairstyle with a light red bow attached to the back of the mane. Her cutie mark is a chisel with a magic aura around it, symbolizing her talent for carving.

(Please ignore the name and cutie mark)

She is kind, sweet, and not afraid to speak her mind, though sometimes that gets her into trouble.

Not wanting her secret to get out, she goes into public disguised, introducing herself as Fritter Crimson.
Misc Information:
Due t' reasons, I am now making Autumn canonically a mare almost the age of 21.

I hope thou can understandeth.

Also, she ain't single ya'll! Why else would she be queen of a freaking hive~
History and Details:
Autumn was the child of a Unicorn and a buck who fell in love with each other and decided to marry. Unfortunately, her mother died soon after giving birth from sickness, though the child was perfectly healthy.

Her father raised her well, teaching her to be kind and to follow her heart. When Autumn had turned 11 however, her loving father died in a carriage accident, leaving the poor filly to grieve and grow up with her incredibly rude cousin, Rosewood Oak, in Ponyville.

Growing up with Rose taught her carpentry skills and helped her to find her talent in carving, making beautiful carvings that if stared at long enough, could seem alive to the veiwer.

Unfortunately, the mare wasn't happy with this. She was forced to work as an assistant, and was restricted from finding love and really making friendships by her introvert cousin who did not believe such things were beneficial for her mental state.

So, time went by and any social life that Autumn had was slowly ripped away from her...

One day, Rosewood sent her to Zecora's hut to fetch ingredients for the poison joke remedy, and this is when her life changed.
She was kidnapped by a waspling by the name of Vespidae who forced her to help repopulate the hive.

Now, I know this next thing is gonna sound CRAZY but Autumn made the choice to stay, and fell in love with her captor. (#StockholmSyndrome) She became queen of the soon to be hive and her heart is finally happy, right where she is.
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"I don't CARE if ponies are gonna say I'm crazy and that I have Stockholm Syndrome! Sometimes one just needs to be shown some love, and it just so happens to be that I am standing right next to one that needs it right now."