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N/A. What do you think I am?! A pony?!
White Tail Woods
Carpenter, Lumberjack, and even Florist, but that last one is more of a side thing.
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Rosewood is a doe who has soft brown fur and beautiful, flowing, silky reddish plum colored 'mane'. Her eyes are ocean blue and almost sparkle in the light. To put it short, she looks quite charming. Don't let her looks fool you though. Yes, she is kind and will help any creature in need, but she's not 'just a pretty face.' Rose is quite intelligent, strong willed, and VERY independent, so she won't just become your girlfriend because you're rich or you have a high position or something.

And, she's quite an introvert. Now, this isn't because she's shy, it's because other people annoy her and she hates being around them.

So yeah, good luck with talking to her.
Misc Information:
NOTE: Rose's actions and opinions are not my own and she can be rude at times. I apologize for this, but it is just her character and not in any way directed towards you irl. Thank you.

Rose looks up and realizes you are standing right next to her. "Ahh! Oh yeah! I'm supposed to give an introduction... Right... Uh.. Give me a second..." You see her shuffling through some flashcards before speaking again. "Hello! I'm Rosewood Oak, a Doe who.... Argh!" She throws the flashcards down. "Narrator!!! I can't do this!!!" Ugh fine.


Welcome to Rosewood Oak's profile! I am Oreo Narrator, the well, Narrator. Since Rose is currently working on something and doesn't like introducingherself, I shall do it for her. Oh, and I'm sorry about the way I had to do this, since this could address anyone who decides to read this, I had to put 'you' and make it look like our roleplaying skills were awful. Once again, dreadfully sorry about that.


Once again welcome to this introvert doe's profile! We would LOVE to roleplay with you, but there are some things we need to say:

-Romance and ERP will both always be a big fat NO. I am sorry, Rose refuses to do either.

-Vore is out of he question. It's almost worse than ERP.

-A little violent is fine, just don't put in too much gore either.

-And most importantly, have fun!

Now, I'm going to go and eat more Oreos. Good day!
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Rose was born into the Oak family, a family of deers who owned a carpenting business in Thicket.
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"I've said it once, I've said it a MILLION times, dad, I am NOT interested in any boy you're gonna try to get me to marry and I will NEVER be!!"

-Rosewood Oak to Dark Oak, the day before she left home to start a life of her own.