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Cernicious is a very powerful and magical angel succubus (yes, angel, I made an unrealistic character on an RP site. Who cares?) who is also a gaurdian angel to her master, CurveBall. She will do anything to protect him and is often alongside him no matter where he goes. You mess with him, you mess with her, and you do not want to do that. >;3
Content Rating:
Mature (NSFW)
Cernicious is one of the three members of the ever so cute and sexy Succubus Clan. Her partners are a highly skilled succubus Black Magic, and a rookie succubus Beatrice.

Cernicious is a rather smaller than average pony who is a personal succubus/angel/demon for CurveBall. She has a fully white body with blue irises and a smooth black mane up until her spikey bangs. She has wings that would be fit for a mare her size and she has a long lion black tail with a cute little fluff at the end that's perfect for snuggling! She is a kind, fun, loving, caring, protective, and adorable succubus who does what she has to do for her master. She has many powers, including the ability to enter and alter the dreams of those she feels a special connection to, she has hypnotic ability, she can spawn in items as long as she can picture them, she uses her lion tail to perform her magic, and she has a big, round, soft tush! <3

She has a lot of magic, and tends not to fight, rather using her smarts to get out of bouts. She is a very active and kind mare to talk to, so don't be afraid to come up and talk! Just don't flirt with her, depending on whether or not she feels like you're joking or not, you may get hurt emotionally... or physically. ;*
She loves to play! She is almost always seen with her partners in the Succubus Clan, or with her master CurveBall because of how she loves them all the most. Of course she has a certain interest that should be obvious~ But she only does this activity with CurveBall from time to time in his dreams.
Misc Information:
1) ERP will most likely be very limited to close friends of me, and probably when CurveBall is involved. She is very loyal to her master. Other than that, vore, and most fetishes, I think I'll be fine with almost any RP! If I'm uncomfortable, I'll let you know.

2) In OOC, I tend to use certain words to replace others. "Chu" means "you", "ish" means "is" or "it's", and "yush/nu" of curse means "yes/no". If you don't like it and I think you're worth my time, I'll drop the act. However, if we just met and you say you don't like it? Then I guess that means we're not talking. It's how I talk, it's who I am.

3) Cernicious can technically be labelled as a Mary Sue character, however I don't tend to use her powers in ways that make her seem OP since she tends to not fight. If something is beneficial to the RP, like your character is blind or hurt, Cernicious won't be able to heal them. Don't worry, I'll respect you and your character. ^•^

4) I will not accept any mistreatment of Cernicious. I have received it in the past where she will be belittled or shown as an amatuer to something or someone more powerful than she is. I DO NOT like it.

5) I would really appreciate it if I could have more art of her to go around. While I may have problems with asking for or receiving art from others, I don't exactly have enough to make up a profile for her. If you would like to, that would be great! Unfortunately, I don't have anything to pay for a commission though...

Ask me about anything else!
History and Details:
Born into the Underworld to a powerful demon and a succubus, Cernicious was taught to do as every other succubus does, steal the life force from stallions with her sexual abilities. However, there was something different about her... she wasn't as tall as a normal succubus. In fact, she was smaller than your average mare. The reason for this? She wasn't a demonic succubus, and was instead an angel succubus. Something like this has never happened before, and her father even attempted to smite her for this exact reason. Her mother helped her escape from him by hiding her in a world called the Dream World in order to survive under her father's radar.

While Cernicious grew up alone, she would eventually notice a small light in the usually black void of the Dream World. This was unusual to her, however, she decided to explore this light by approaching it. Upon reaching the light, she would end up in the presence of a mare and a stallion, two inseparable best friends named CurveBall and Iris Diamond. She noticed the stallion was exhausted, and looking around, she would see a partially evaporated succubus she had never met before. She decided to approach these two, having never met a mortal, let alone a mortal who could vanquish a succubus... though her presence was not well handled. Iris would tackle her, pin her, and threaten her with a flare of her horn. She looked about ready to destroy her... until Cernicious would do one thing succubi never usually did. She cried, begged for her life, and didn't fight back. Thankfully, the loving and kind nature of these two ponies assisted in her being set free from the scary situation. Cernicious would hang out with these two ponies for a little while, soon gaining their trust and love as they began to see she wasn't a threat, and couldn't be one. Soon, she was able to leave the Dream World and enter the world of Equestria, though momentarily only visible to the two until time passed and she gained way more power thanks to their support. She pledged her life to them, was willing to protect them at all costs, and was willing to give them whatever they wanted. Soon, she was able to learn about their pasts, and they became even closer. They became a family, and there was nothing that could separate them.

Cernicious wouldn't end up being the only succubus in town, however. Two very nice succubi, Black Magic and Beatrice, would soon turn into a couple of good friends to Cernicious. She met Black Magic after finding her attempting to subtly seduce Curve, and despite her being a very experienced, very skilled succubus, she had trouble with the shy, innocent stallion. How she met Beatrice was simple, Black Magic introduced her to Beatrice. They quickly became besties and they all formed a little group they called the Succubus Clan, and they were the lead council. She would meet a couple of ponies that knew the succubus, two ponies who soon befriended Curve of all ponies! Their names were a vampony guard named Nightshield through Beatrice, and powerful demon named Zero through Black Magic.

The trio of succubi were set, Black with the experience, Cernicious with the skill, and Beatrice with the beginner's luck.

It was safe to say that Cernicious was a happy lil' succubus~ X3
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