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Pegasus Pony
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Purity is a unique pony. A pale colored pegasus with golden wing feathers. Her mane is cut short and consists of two different colors: blonde and a soft pink. She has the physique of what an angel might look like in pony form.
Misc Information:
A standard Equestria or Anthro Pony RPs are the only RPs that would be done! These RPs are canon to Purity's story, so if you are interested, please be engaged in actually getting to know Purity!

- Purity is in need of friends! So these RPs are meant to establish relationships! There are 5 categories and your character will be placed in one of the categories, depending on how much they get along!
- Acquaintances, Friends, Best Friends, Crush, Lover (Psst! The more you RP, the more they get to know each other
and move up on the scale!)

- RP content can range depending on the relationship of your Pony and Purity. For most of the Rps, PG-13 will be the common content, but if Purity likes a Pony, or both Purity and the Pony are lovers, then it can then change into NSFW.

- I will not RP Alt Universe like post-Apocalyptic, Fall-Out Equestria, Nightmare Moon Rules, etc! Just standard canon Equestria as we know it today :)

More Rules to be Added Soon!!!!
History and Details:
<p>-Personality: Gentle, Caring, Selfless, Naive, Too Kind, Not-So Street Smarts, Passive-Aggressive, Elegant, Mysterious. Purity is a very kind pony who only wants to do good for others that surround her. Her entire life has been blessed and grants to bless others. She is very gentle and only cares to be a good friend for others. Purity likes to take things really slow and carefully, making sure everything is perfect while she's still there. Super friendly, approachable and very ... strange. Sometimes too much kindness can cause problems. there are times where Purity doesn't want to so something, but she finds it hard to simply say No. Purity is a very mysterious mare. She acts different, she does things differently... She's just a bit strange as if she's from another world. This also affects her street knowledge. There are just certain things she doesn't know that every pony knows. She is very naive and can be very gullible at times, but it's kinda cute. -Likes: GOLD Simple Jewelry Sugary Treats Star Gazing Shiny Things Flowers Living -Dislikes: Salt Dark Accessories Death Fake - Gold, Diamonds, Knock-Offs. Taken Advantage Of Losing Friendships -Hobbies: Star Gazing This is one of Purity's absolute favorite thing to do. She would fly to the roof tops and just look at the stars. Reading Medicine and Psychology books It has been a dream for Purity to become a nurse or a Psychiatrist. Gardening Believe it or not: Purity actually enjoys gardening. It's a tedious work that requires patience and TLC. Collecting Jewelry Purity absolutely loves jewelry. Metals and precious stones put together make Purity just melt, especially gold and diamonds. She collects all kinds of jewelry but often wears gold and diamond accessories. More to be Added Soon!!!</p>
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