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Sovereignty Nyinx D'Lune The Warmongering Xeno

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Gender Fluid
Cutie Mark:
A red spiral of some sort
Equestria, Eagleland, Smokey Mountains, Zebraca, Saddle Arabia.
Sovereign over 4 Annexed Hives, Scientific engineer of War Development.
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Art:
Character Image:
Nyinx D'Lune is a 16'10'' Queen, as tall as a dragon.
However she is able to manipulate her structure to become 8'12''

Her wings, tail and mane glow with a magmatic hue and Shimmer.

Her main and tail flows as magical Lava. control-ability allows them to be harmless

Nyinx has Thick Latex for an underskin. it is very squishy and as expected, lewd and arousing to feel.

Her Exoskeleton is made up of Hard Obsidian and Silicone, giving her all round protection from magic and physical based attacks.

She has mandibles within her cheeks that she uses to hold items, mostly foods.
War, Conflict, Lust, desire, greed

Volcanoes, Lava, Magma, Factories, machinery, vehicles

Any species other than an Equestrian Pony, eg: Dragon, Zebra, Griffin, Saddle Arabian, Far Far eastern ponies, etc
Misc Information:
(Strongest to weakest)
-Hellfire (When Nyinx has been given a long enough time to Charge this spell she has the ability to channel that energy into 3 separate stages. in stage one she will Charge up two small spheres of Fire and fire it at the target with homing ability, it will detonate on them and Suspend them in the air while constantly keeping them on fire, then she will Charge up a giant sphere of molten rock and fire in her maw and Fire it manually at the Target, if it Hits then it will break the ring of flames and Suspend them in the middle of a sphere of Molten Magma as hot as the core of the planet, and then the last Stage is the Overkill as she Summon up A large Chunk of a mixture of Magma, obsidian and diamond and Throw it at the Target, Detonating the entire thing in shrapnel and Magma and Fire.For a Visual Reference look here: (C) by Square Enix)

standard Fire based attacks for example making the area around her catch fire,

Standard barrier (Fire specialty, meaning water can extinguish the barrier),

Long range Teleportation (But Long range only, meaning places that are very far away from her current position, plus she will need to remember every detail about the place she will be teleporting to and it will take her a good long 7 minutes to charge the teleportation and another 3 minutes to use the teleportation.)

An important fact! Nyinx is Lesbian but she's Bi-romantic. She's also REALLY into elegant mares, Oriental mares, Dragons, Griffins and mares from Saddle Arabia

Rule 3 Note: Nyinx is a Fire/Magma based Elemental Xenoling queen, meaning she can absorb fire elements of all kinds to replenish a fair amount of her physical condition, stamina and base power.

Rule 4: Please try your best to have a narrative post when replying, an average of 50 to 75 words will be good and I will try to do the same

I will Find Other things to throw at you later~
History and Details:
<p><img style="max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;" src="" alt="Latest Concept" /></p>
<p>// New Desc // UNDER REWERITE<br />Nyinx is the eldest of the Magma Elemental Xenoling bloodline, Being the elder sister to Honey Dunes. As much as Nyinx disagrees with Chrysalis' actions she still aims to protect her with whatever she can spare. Trying to preserve the Changeling sub-species</p>
<p>The Queen Rules over an interconnected series of Industrial hives. Providing resources, pre-manufactured parts and materials to the main and largest hive in Smokey Mountains where it will produce mass amounts of products and consumer products to be sold at low prices in mass amounts, becoming a favourite among the low wage families.</p>
<p>However only 5% of the factories in the Hive of Redemption (Smokey Mountains) is being used for Consumerist produce. Which is one floor in the massive volcano.<br />The remaining 124 Floors are for manufacturing Weapons, Airships, parts, and Ammunition for the various Steampunk weapons in her arsenal. Including the Dreadnought Brass Clad Airship, H.M.A.S BassHide.</p>
<p>The Queen works as a Vigilante for Equestria, fighting any threats to it's innocent civilians. not petty things like theft and kidnappings. More like mass murders and weapon developers. As well as Changelings that are causing panic.</p>
<p>The Queen herself is known as a War Monger. Making war where no one wants it. Battle of the Faerir, Where the Queen trimmed the Dragon population. War of Balzarzzar, The Queen making war with and successfully annexing his Hive. Battle of Zebraca, The Queen Helping the Zebras fight against a War mongering Dictator. and the Battle of the Far Far East. Acting as a defence Mercenary for a Family of Traditional Samurai and their newly discovered Jade mines, Protecting them against jealous neighbours.</p>
<p>// END of new Desc</p>
<p>Entry 2&nbsp; &nbsp;//&nbsp; &nbsp;20:28 27/08/2018</p>
<p>We have won! The Queen of the Changelings has Surrended and agreed into an Alliance with us. The Xenoling and Changeling now Stand together against the world, Now we await the foes of the Changeling Hegimony to foolishly attempt war. Our Vast factories are now churning out Armoured Tanks, Weapons and Airships, dozens an hour. Our forces train and prepare for total Victory! For without victory, there can be... NO SURVIVAL!<br /><br /><br />Arc 3 Chapter 4 coming soon</p>
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