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Thestral Pony
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God Talon Merc
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Mature & Violent
Character Image:
A brown bat with gold markings, sometimes mistaken for being part dragon.

She doesn't know the meaning of the word quit.

She won't back down from a fight, even if the odds are against her.
Fighting CQC or more specific, hoof-to-hoof
Misc Information:
Rules I need to add about me:
1. I work full time Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Mountain Time -7GMT (sometimes but rarely later times or Saturdays) Availability can be limited then even if around.

2. This character will not off the bat consider a stranger a friend until they've actually RPed with her. Reading the info or knowing another that knows her is not insta-pass. Know her first through actual interaction

Her markings usually pulse when she's in danger, healing her body where damage was done.

Fight record: 56 Wins 11 Losses 0 Draws
History and Details:
<p>Gilded knew not where she came from, only that as a newborn she was left on the steps of a Manehatten orphanage, where she was raised for most of her young life. She seemed quite happy for a time, though she was a bit sad on the inside for never being picked by couples who wanted to adopt. After a few years she stopped caring and developed a bit of a bitter attitude that would keep her from being adopted. It wasn't until her 10th birthday that she had these golden markings appear on her body, the other foals there teasing her for them. It soon got to a point where it angered her and she lashed out in physical violence to anyone that talked about her appearance. It wasn't long before she tried to run away, though her efforts seemed futile as she wouldn't get far before being brought back by local authorities.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It took her a few more years but she saved up enough money that when she attempted to run away, she had a window to bribe a couple into buying her freedom from the orphanage. When she got out and was free, she had little to no money and did not know how to live other then stealing as she took that as her new life, being a theif that would take food and money to survive. She lived in an abandoned building feeling rather confident in herself as she had gotten pretty good at stealing and running from the cops. One day, she stole from the wrong ponies who were brutish thugs. Unfortunately that day she got cornered, but with no options she fought and though put up a hell of a fight she was eventually caught after breaking a few bones. News of this impressed their boss that they offered her to fight for them in the underground fighting rings. She discovered her recovery ability to heal in this time as she figured she could put it to good use with this fighting seeing as she did ok with it, she accepted the offer oping to gain more then just scraps for heself as she was.&nbsp;</p>
<p>In the coming months, Gilded took quite the beatings in her first couple of matches, her failures were disciplined harshly, some with beatings but mostly with starvation. Though she found a way to sneak food so she could keep up her strength, as her spirit grew more desperate to have her live on, she would fight on seeing that she'd have to do or die and she wasn't giving up here. It did give her the motivation to win her fights, as it was survival of the fitest for her. She had succumb to a mantra in her head that she'd win no matter what and it certainly showed as her luck turned around. She started winning and gaining more from it as she was soon living an average life. She'd spend her money mostly on expensive foods, which&nbsp; sometimes she didn't get to enjoy as her opponent would cause a mess looking for payback being sore losers. With most of her money spent on food, her living was just a run down shack with little to nothing inside. Gilded accepted her new life of do or die, and she did or she might die.&nbsp;</p>
<p>A few years down the road after one of her fights, a cloaked pony showed themselves to Gilded in her 'dressing room'. The mare offered her a chance at something they thought she'd be better suited for then living a dangerous life with crooks. She set up a time and place to meet, inside some forest elsewhere and Gilded took it into consideration. Whether it was another crooked organization or maybe a true offer to be better, she had to think on it for a moment It didn't take her long as she was on her way to the location, showing up as one of the last there, in a hooded cloak that covered her body. It seemed it was a trial for a few others who showed, the task simple: retrieve a certain gem and return with it but there was only one and so it was competitive. As they all got their signal to start, little did Gilded know that among the candidates that Princess Luna had disguised herself as one to oversee the event.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Gilded wasn't sure she should be there and more so why she was there, or what this was all for but curiosity got the better of her. Whisking through the forest that seemed to be alive as she was narrowly averting from trees trying to gram her she eventually found the gem she was looking for. With no one around, she seemed to be in the clear as she headed back to the starting area, though she encountered a pegasus disguised Luna whom she fought against though in the end couldn't prevail but as she had eaten the gem to make sure she secured her victory in bringing it back, she was given the position for showing her dedication to her assignment. She was shcked to see the Princcess of the night reveal herself and knew why she had lost, though as she was welcomed in the Lunar guard she was still...confused as to what happened but this seemed like a better opportunity for her life path and she accepted to see where it would take her.&nbsp;</p>
<p>It wasn't without more hardships as Gilded began her recruit training under the supervision of Alona being appointed as her CO for her time. She had difficulty following orders as she wasn't one who liked being told what to do since she wasn't normally apart of a group being more of a solo act for a lot of her life. At first she was starting to feel like this was the orphanage all over again, with all the stares and jeering at her as she wandered around the barracks and castle grounds at night. She was beinning to think this place might not be for her, that she d made a mistake with no one seeming to get along with her as she lashed out at the others. She came to a realization that there were some there she could relate to and started to bond with some of them, looking to the heads of the night guard Shank and Alona, they started to look more like parents to her as they were the closest thing she had to them in her eyes. She soon let her walls come down a bit and started to listen rather then fight against them, though her stubborn atttude still remains with her, regardless.&nbsp;</p>
<p>With a few bumps along the way, Gilded would soon learn in the field that she would have to work together with others which was something she never did before. She was gun ho and ready to prove herself but it took a little learning to see that in the guard it was different. With a little learning and training, she began to show some improvement and was rising in the ranks to show it. With her newfound life, she made friends that saw past the outside of her and more on what was inside of her. She had come a long was though some habit are still hard for her to get rid of she still seems to gain favor in her own way of doing things. Her future was seeming rather bright now, and even in the dark that she now serves proudly.&nbsp;</p>
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