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Earth Pony
Cutie Mark:
Stylized musical notes arranged in a cyclone like design.
Unemployed, mostly earns her bits from her underground concerts.
It's Complicated
Content Rating:
Mature & Violent
Character Image:

A mare appearing to be around sixteen years of age, an average though thinner build than a typical earth pony. Coat color is a distinct golden, her brown and red mane is long and somewhat unkempt with a cowlick on the forehead usually brushed to the side. Her eyes are red, and her tail is long with a tuning fork usually tied to it.

Personality wise she is by no means your typical innocent little mute. Aphonia is strong minded, vulgar, lesser in intelligence, a rebel to formality and normality, and one to be close with her friends. Her outlook on life is somewhat double sided, both cynical and optimistic simultaneously. She sees the negative in life but tends to accept it and embrace the good in life.

Her personal musical style is usually fast paced, stylized, with heavy distortion.
Grunge, Alt Rock, guitars, pizza, sweets of any kind, soda, music.
Misc Information:
Screw Rules! Just kidding I have a thing called 'standards'

1)If you ask me for an ERP off the blue (while not being an established friend of mine) don't be surprised if I am hesitant to even reply back. Aphonia is no sleep around pone, in fact she is not the type to bring an easy lay.

2)Try to give me something good, doesn't need to be a novel or an epic quest off the bat, but try something that's a little less mundane.

3)I prefer most of if not all RPs I do here to be canon, so no non canon RPs please. I like to add to my character's experience.

4)No magic spell to just give Aphonia a voice, she's mute from birth and that's not likely to change.

5)Minor elements of mind control might be used, but if your character has a strong will and mind they can resist it. A Dice roll can also work out as well.

All for now.

Aphonia's songs~~~~~~~
Songs that the mare could properly remember and put together in an organized fashion compared to her usual random musical ramblings.
1)Lightning in a Bottle: Her most fast paced tune, fast paced all the way with bursts of even more rapid notes.
2)Run: Not as fast as Lightning in a bottle, but still quick in tempo and with hard hitting, stylized riffs.
3)Silver Lined Thunder Clouds: A low, slow, somewhat sludgy song, with a strange tune that seemingly expresses pessimism and optimism at the same time.
4)Moon Rebel: Similar speed to run, but with more drawn out notes and experimentation with tricks such as slaps and slides. Strong use of distortion.
5)Celebrity Tartarus: An upper beat song, with a faster tempo, but with rough contrasting riffs.
6)Want: A fast paced yet emotional tune, a bit slower than lightning in a bottle but faster than most of her other songs.
7)Savior: Run II: A slower starting opening before it speeds up abruptly and goes into a storm of stylized riffs.
8)Myth: An attitude laden and somewhat melodic song full of fast notes and a few slower riffs of slightly more drawn out notes.
9)The Noise: A song combining a fast tempo with strong notes, not nearly as rapid as Lightning in a bottle and the most melodic song, with some grunge attitude spicing the notes.
10)Don't get caught: A more fast paced song akin to Lightning in a bottle, with a different and more frantic tune to it.

11)Upward Bolt:An energetic, slightly dramatic and adventurous sounding song.
History and Details:
<p>Aphonia was born in AA 1779 to a party loving mare seduced by a lesser known though decently famous Rockstar from Manehattan. Though a product of an irresponsible night of rolling in the hay her mother took joy in the idea of having a child. Her father on the other hoof was more than a little divided, a division which he kept from his marefriend. On her mother's side her grandparents did not trust a stallion prone to drinking among other substances one bit. Her mother was thus forced to run away from her small town Ponyville home where she soon had her child. Bright red color from her unicorn father and a more earthly gold from her mother. There was one struggle however that she faced, from birth she was left mute and could never speak.</p>
<p>Despite her father's abuses of alcohol and various exotic substances and irresponsible behavior Aphonia didn't find her family life too bad for her growing up. She loved her mother and looked up to her 'cool' father, despite the occasional mishaps her family endured. Her father did still love her, and often took her along to his concerts, along with various other fun places in the times. Trying out a guitar the mare discovered her cutie mark, playing wild tunes that impressed even her father. The filly grew up with a more vulgar imagination and sense of humor for her age, growing quite expressive to circumvent her mutism. All the while her mother's nativity started to fade some as she realized just how bad her father's problems were. She struggled somewhat in school, being a bit of a rebel combined with bullying due to her muteness put her at odds with teachers and classmates alike.</p>
<p>Aphonia grew to be more selective in those she interacted with, and soon found her place as in the late 1780s came a movement she resonated with. As she reached adolescence then came the 1790s where the advent of Alternative rock and Grunge truly reached it's height. Being a filly with issues with a father whom she loved yet at times feared combined with her school troubles made her feel at home with the angsty teens which came. The mute started playing the guitar a lot as a means to express herself. Though facial expressions and hoof gestures were alright nothing quite broke her from the rusty cage of her muteness quite like playing the guitar. Listening to bands of the time further influenced her musical style and tastes. Life was pretty good in her views, a flawed and occasionally crazy father, fun loving mother who made the best baked treats, and a medium to burn off her stress and anxiety.</p>
<p>Then in the year 1795, what was supposed to be just another great year for her in the age of Grunge turned sour. Starting was a heated breakup of her father's band. Then came the aftershock of her father's substance abuse eating away at his health and the family's bits. Her mother's nativity was gone and with that came frequent fights between the two. Aphonia convinced herself as usual that it was just stress that was part of life, and carried on as usual. Things went to a head when her father tried to introduce her to his substances. Aphonia's mother went ballistic, to the point of assaulting him and berating him for all that was happening. The stress began to grow more than what the young Aphonia could adapt to. After being forced out of their apartment her father would be gone for some time.</p>
<p>Against her mother's well advised wishes she visited him when she could, as she missed him too much and couldn't hate him. Her father would eventually return, in drunken rage he retaliated against her mother. The fight escalated to the point where kitchen knives and switchblades got involved. Her mother would die, and her panicked father told her to come along with him as he fled. Horrified and scarred, 16 year old Aphonia found her life spiral out of control. On the run they snuck out of Manehattan, bringing the royal guard on their trail. It wasn't long before withdrawal symptoms took her father's life, leaving her to run and fend for herself. Walking the roads and starving Aphonia soon found her way back in Manehattan.</p>
<p>Living on the streets and playing the guitar she kept with herself for barely enough bits to eat. Meanwhile an entity imprisoned in Tartarus would make it's escape, known as Oth&oacute;ryvos. Being a dark being of music it was reasonably difficult to escape stealthily. It would wander, following the musical movement that swept through much of Equestria's cities and youth. Fed by the angst and emotional power of the music it grew stronger, but to fully realize it's power it needed a host. Sure enough it would be drawn to the emotional cyclone of notes that played from a starving teen on the streets. It would present itself and take the risk of straining it's power to create a fancy red and chrome electric guitar.</p>
<p>"A filly who has lost much, yet has dreams of letting her music entertain many..." Oth&oacute;ryvos gave Aphonia a deal, giving her the guitar and the chance to rise to become a musician greater than any she imagined. All for the simple price of her soul, just kidding it actually asked only that she become it's host. Taking one of the many Grunge celebrities would result in it being found out too quickly, but taking a teen dealt a poor hoof by life and making a secret underground movement would work just fine. And then Aphonia would realize the mistake she made, just kidding again. In her view her life got better, she ended up no longer starving as like the creature her body now fed off emotions and music.</p>
<p>Her musical talent drew in a literal cult following, teens, kids, and adults alike brought by her music while Oth&oacute;ryvos charmed them in and fed off them, giving them a high and euphoria unmatched. The spirit itself resided in the guitar, and despite it's mainly self serving intentions proved a good friend to talk to. It's link to Aphonia allowed it to talk directly to her mind, resulting in easy conversation at a moment's notice. As of the year AA 1817, long after the hay day of Grunge, Aphonia lives made immortal by her link with the creature. Still 16 when she should be past 30, living in an old abandoned apartment in Manehattan. Keeping hidden and known mostly as a legend brushed off as fiction by most, while those drawn in continue to return for more.</p>
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