Technology level of Equestria?

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Creative Aura
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Technology level of Equestria?

Post by Creative Aura » 1/29/18 03:58 AM

What do you think is the general technology level of Equestria? What do you think it should be?

Personally, I want gaming consoles, especially handhelds.

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Twisted Gears

Re: Technology level of Equestria?

Post by Twisted Gears » 1/29/18 06:47 AM

I recall reading that Equestria was in a pre-Industrial era levels of technology, but since it's a child's show, flops in consistency are to be expected. Looking at you, DJ Pon3 and Twilight.

I'd imagine that Equestria is more or less in a pre-victorian, pseudo-Steampunk era of technology, using magic and arcane thingamagings (Wich would explain the prescense of some things and the lack of others) to make things work. Afterall, the show and the movie do introduce a widespread use of airships.

This is all debatable, of course.

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Alona Flare
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Re: Technology level of Equestria?

Post by Alona Flare » 1/29/18 12:57 PM

Twist has the right idea. While the show does have a lot of inconsistencies, generally the timeframe in which we base of a fair number of roleplays is around 1818, which Arcano/steampunk technology is the most prevalent. While it can be debated to the actual timeframe of the show, the fact there are airships, trains, pony drawn carriages, and the guards still use spears swords and crossbows, I'd say they're not too high up on the tech tree.

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Diamond Shine
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Re: Technology level of Equestria?

Post by Diamond Shine » 2/16/18 10:40 PM

If I may add my idea. I'd picture technology not of today's but I think 1790's-1860's era tech to be more fitting for the MLP world. :3
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