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Post by Shank » 9/11/18 01:35 PM

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Humane Law Enforcement, New York

Special Investigator Diane DiGiacomo

Arlington County Police Department, Virginia

Corporal Harvey Snook, III

City University of New York Department of Public Safety, New York

Deputy Chief John P. McKee

Connecticut State Police, Connecticut

Trooper First Class Walter Greene

Montclair State University Police Department, New Jersey

Sergeant Christopher A. Vidro

Nassau County Police Department, New York

Police Officer Charles Dennis Cole, Jr.

New Jersey State Police, New Jersey

Lieutenant William George Fearon

New Rochelle Police Department, New York

Police Officer Kathleen O'Connor-Funigiello

New York City Fire Department - Bureau of Fire Investigation, New York

Fire Marshal Ronald P. Bucca

New York City Police Department, New York

Detective Sandra Y. Adrian
Detective James John Albanese
Chief of Detectives William Allee
Sergeant Alex W. Baez
Police Officer Karen E. Barnes
Police Officer Ronald G. Becker, Jr.
Detective Aslyn A. Beckles
Police Officer James A. Betso
Sergeant Gerard Thomas Beyrodt
Police Officer Frank M. Bolusi
Deputy Chief Steven Joseph Bonano
Police Officer Thomas G. Brophy
Lieutenant Rebecca A. Buck
Police Officer James M. Burke
Police Officer Madeline Carlo
Detective Joseph A. Cavitolo
Police Officer Peter D. Ciaccio
Lieutenant Steven L. Cioffi
Sergeant Charles J. Clark
Police Officer Daniel C. Conroy
Sergeant John Gerald Coughlin
Detective Angel Antonio Creagh
Sergeant Michael Sean Curtin
Detective Kevin Anthony Czartoryski
Police Officer John D'Allara
Detective Annetta G. Daniels
Police Officer Vincent G. Danz
Sergeant Garrett S. Danza
Detective Michael Kenneth Davis
Police Officer Anthony DeJesus
Detective Corey J. Diaz
Detective Leroy Dixon
Police Officer Jerome Mark Patrick Dominguez
Police Officer Stephen Patrick Driscoll
Police Officer Renee Dunbar
Police Officer Robert M. Ehmer
Police Officer Mark Joseph Ellis
Police Officer Otto R. Espinoza
Police Officer Robert Fazio
Detective Luis G. Fernandez
Sergeant Paul Michael Ferrara
Police Officer Edward M. Ferraro
Inspector Donald G. Feser
Detective Carmen M. Figueroa
Police Officer Alexander Figueroa
Police Officer Nicholas G. Finelli
Detective Stuart F. Fishkin
Lieutenant Jeffrey W. Francis
Captain Barry Galfano
Sergeant Michael J. Galvin
Police Officer Deborah A. Garbutt-Jeff
Police Officer Matthew J. Gay
Sergeant Rodney C. Gillis
Captain Edward C. Gilpin
Detective Charles Gilbert Gittens, Jr.
Detective Michael E. Glazer
Police Officer James J. Godbee
Detective John E. Goggin
Police Officer Robert C. Grossman
Inspector James Guida
Sergeant Chalres R. Gunzelman
Police Officer Michael Hance
Sergeant Claire T. Hanrahan
Detective Kevin George Hawkins
Police Officer Robert B. Helmke
Detective Michael R. Henry
Detective Alick W. Herrmann
Detective William J. Holfester
Police Officer Richard G. Holland
Detective Steven Hom
Police Officer Demetrias Hopkins
Sergeant Wayne A. Jackson
Police Officer Richard Jakubowsky
Police Officer Cheryl D. Johnson
Police Officer Louise M. Johnston
Police Officer Robert W. Kaminski
Police Officer Charles M. Karen
Police Officer Ronald Philip Kloepfer
Detective John F. Kristoffersen
Detective Stephen T. Kubinski
Police Officer Thomas Michael Langone
Police Officer James Patrick Leahy
Lieutenant Luis A. Lopez
Police Officer Richard Lopez
Police Officer Frank G. Macri
Police Officer David Mahmoud
Police Officer Shaun M. Mahoney
Detective John J. Marshall
Police Officer Vito S. Mauro
Police Officer Gary G. Mausberg
Lieutenant Jacqueline McCarthy
Police Officer Brian Grady McDonnell
Sergeant Michael J. McHugh
Police Officer Denis Reid McLarney
Police Officer Christopher S. McMurry
Detective Tommy L. Merriweather
Lieutenant Brian S. Mohamed
Deputy Chief James G. Molloy
Detective James W. Monahan
Detective Robert A. Montanez
Detective Michael P. Morales
Captain Dennis Morales
Sergeant Patrick P. Murphy
Sergeant Edmund P. Murray
Police Officer Robert J. Nicosia
Sergeant Terrence Scott O'Hara
Sergeant Donald J. O'Leary, Jr.
Lieutenant Carlos J. Ocasio
Detective Edwin Ortiz
Police Officer Robert V. Oswain, Jr.
Police Officer Patrice M. Ott
Police Officer Allison M. Palmer
Captain Ronald G. Peifer, Sr.
Police Officer Angelo Peluso, Jr.
Police Officer John William Perry
Police Officer Glen Kerrin Pettit
Sergeant Louis R. Pioli
Captain Peter L. Pischera
Police Officer Francis Thomas Pitone
Lieutenant Christopher M. Pupo
Assistant Chief Michael V. Quinn
Police Officer Moira Ann Reddy-Smith
Lieutenant Gerald Rex
Lieutenant Robert Rice
Detective Claude Daniel Richards
Detective Ronald A. Richards
Detective Roberto L. Rivera
Police Officer Peter O. Rodriguez
Lieutenant Kenneth W. Rosello
Sergeant Timothy Alan Roy, Sr.
Detective John A. Russo
Sergeant Michael W. Ryan
Sergeant Stephen P. Scalza
Sergeant Jacqueline C. Schaefer
Detective Joseph Edward Seabrook
Lieutenant Marci Simms
Detective Andrew L. Siroka
Sergeant Harold John Smith
Captain Scott V. Stelmok
Detective Christopher Strucker
Police Officer Ramon Suarez
Detective Traci L. Tack-Czajkowski
Police Officer Paul Talty
Sergeant Edward Doyle "Ned" Thompson
Detective William B. Titus, Jr.
Police Officer Martin Tom
Police Officer Santos Valentin, Jr.
Detective Joseph Vincent Vigiano
Police Officer Perry T. Villani
Police Officer Walter Edward Weaver
Detective Thomas F. Weiner, Jr.
Police Officer Ronald E. Weintraub
Detective Richard H. Wentz
Detective Robert W. Williamson
Inspector Richard Daniel Winter
Police Officer Kenneth W. Wolf
Police Officer George Mon Cheng Wong
Detective John T. Young
Detective James Zadroga
Police Officer Robert A. Zane, Jr.

New York County District Attorney's Office, New York
Senior Investigator Fred Ghussin

New York State Office of Court Administration, New York
Senior Court Officer Thomas Jurgens
Captain William Thompson
Senior Court Officer Mitchel Scott Wallace

New York State Office of Tax Enforcement - Petroleum, Alcohol and Tobacco Bureau, New York
Bureau Chief Charles Mills

New York State Office of Tax Enforcement - Revenue Crimes Bureau, New York
Investigator Clyde Frazier
Investigator Richard Moore
Investigator Salvatore Papasso
Assistant Deputy Commissioner William Pohlmann

New York State Police, New York
Trooper Michael J. Anson
Trooper Darryl J. Burroughs, Sr.
Trooper Brian S. Falb
Senior Investigator Thomas G. Moran, Jr.
Trooper Covel Chase Pierce
Sergeant Charles R. Salaway
Investigator Paul R. Stuewer

Peekskill Police Department, New York
Detective Charles John Wassil, Jr.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Police Department, New York
Police Officer Christopher Amoroso
Police Officer Maurice Barry
Police Officer Liam Callahan
Lieutenant Robert Cirri
Police Officer John Mark Cortazzo
Police Officer Clinton Davis
Police Officer Donald Foreman
Police Officer Gregg Froehner
Police Officer Thomas Gorman
Police Officer Uhuru Gonja Houston
Police Officer George Howard
Police Officer Stephen Huczko, Jr.
Inspector Anthony Infante
Police Officer Paul Jurgens
Sergeant Robert Kaulfers
Police Officer Paul Laszczynski
Police Officer David P. LeMagne
Police Officer John Lennon
Police Officer John Levi
Police Officer James Lynch
Captain Kathy Mazza
Police Officer Donald McIntyre
Police Officer Walter McNeil
Director of Public Safety Fred V. Morrone
Police Officer Joseph Navas
Police Officer James Nelson
Police Officer Alfonse Niedermeyer
Police Officer James Parham
Police Officer Dominick Pezzulo
Police Officer Bruce Reynolds
Police Officer Antonio Rodrigues
Police Officer Richard Rodriguez
Chief James Romito
Police Officer John Skala
Police Officer Walwyn Stuart
Police Officer Kenneth Tietjen
Police Officer Nathaniel Webb
Police Officer Michael Wholey

United States Department of Justice - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, U.S. Government
Special Agent William C. Sheldon

United States Department of Justice - Federal Bureau of Investigation, U.S. Government
Special Agent Steven A. Carr
Special Agent William Robert Craig
Supervisory Special Agent Brian L. Crews
Special Agent Laurie J. Fournier
Special Agent Leonard Hatton
Special Agent Jerry D. Jobe
Special Agent in Charge David J. LeValley
Special Agent Melissa S. Morrow
Special Agent Robert Martin Roth
Special Agent Gerard D. Senatore
Special Agent Rex Aaron Stockham
Special Agent Paul H. Wilson
Special Agent Wesley J. Yoo

United States Department of Justice - United States Marshals Service, U.S. Government
Deputy U.S. Marshal Kenneth J. Doyle
Deputy U.S. Marshal Zacarias Toro, Jr.

United States Department of the Interior - Fish and Wildlife Service - Division of Refuge Law Enforcement, U.S. Government
Refuge Manager Richard Jerry Guadagno

United States Department of the Treasury - United States Secret Service Special Services Division, U.S. Government
Master Special Officer Craig J. Miller

Yonkers Police Department, New York
Police Officer Anthony Maggiore
Lieutenant Roy D. McLaughlin

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Re: Names

Post by CrystalWave » 9/11/18 10:08 PM

And that is when we found out that Shank was running the matrix.
"I'd say go to hell but I never want to see you again."
-Sylvia Plath

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