Fallout Equestria: Ashes of friendship

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Re: Fallout Equestria: Ashes of friendship

Post by Sweetie Belle » 6/9/18 02:51 AM

With the three of them speaking to one another, there would be another merchant watching not too far from where they were. Though the merchant would simply mind his own business for the time being. Still, he'd idly begin to watch them as he became somewhat interested in their conversation. Stable Tech huh? Information like that wasn't cheap. And he happened to know a few things about it. So as they spoke he would lightly grin, giving a whistle towards them with an ushering hoof. "If it stable tech you seek, I think I can part with a few bits of information. For a small fee of course." The odd looking stallion with patches of fur having fallen out, large pus filled blisters potting portions of his muzzle and throat. "I hear that there's a small weapon storage facility not too far from where we are right now. Given the high levels of radiation and Pink cloud in the lower levels, not many have tried getting in there. Course, that probably wouldn't deter a group of stable dwellers now would it?" He purred in a soft tone, grinning at them from behind rotten black stained teeth.

"I just so happen to know a few things vital to the storage facility. Like... the access code to a few of the lower depths. I could part with it. For a small fee. Plus a 2% collection fee of whatever it is you happen to find there." He'd roll his hoof through the air and lean on his elbow. "What do ya say? Caps for info?"

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