Curiosity’s Sake

A Nightmare Takeover AU
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Curiosity’s Sake

Post by Enigma Locket » 4/14/18 04:06 PM

Enigma nibbled on the scones Cal had left her that morning as she sat back considering her next move. The sweet tang of blueberry was welcome in her ire. She scowled darkly, and growled in frustration. What can I do about the firing issue?Before her rested a foreleg bracer. The oiled metal gleamed sliver in the copious light born from the many lamps that surrounded her workbench.

It was long and meant to cover the entire foreleg (because otherwise what was the point). What set it apart from the average piece of armor was the mechanism opened wide like a yawning beak just before where the hoof would come out. The blade that was supposed rest inside lay on the bench. Fragments of crystal lay strewn about, all inscribed with the same broken draconic runes. One was supposed to be inlaid inside, just behind where the blade was to rest. She scarfed down a second scone, picked up her needle prongs, and slid her focal lenses down.

She began picking out bits of shattered crystal from inside the bracer when she noticed her lamps flicker. Not a moment later a pale green unicorn walked up beside her and set down a fresh pot of tea and more scones. Cal rarely announced her presence and moved light a damn phantom. Enigma wasn’t ashamed to admit she’d nearly pissed herself more than once in the first months of Cal’s employment. She devised a way to avoid herself from making a mess in her beloved workshop.

“You’ve mail, madame.” With a flourish of bright red magic a black envelope came rest beside the tea as Cal poured Enigma some into a beautiful eggshell cup decorated in blue floral print.

Enigma carefully pulled a chunk of worthless sapphire from behind a set of springs. “If it’s from that cad, Brooks burn it,” she grunted, focusing in her work. She dropped the chunk on the floor and checked the springs for damage. Lucky her she didn’t have to rip the whole apparatus out and replace it.

“From Her Highnesses desk, Madame.”

“Open it up let’s see what Her Darkness wants,” Enigma said with a chuckle. Another chunk of crystal was dumped unceremoniously in the workbench. She was gonna wring her crystal vendor’s neck. Finest gems in the Heartland her bronze flank.

Cal cleared her throat having already opened it up. “Miss Enigma Locket. You are hereby invited to the Starfall. You would do well to attend as the latest masterpiece of Matte Palette will be premiered on the anniversary of my return. I would ask you also bring news of your latest invention’s completion. It would be in your best interests for the prototype to be complete before then.” Enigma snorted at that but otherwise let Cal continue.

Your invitation is enclosed within. Her Illustrious Majesty, Nightmare Moon.”

“When’s this shindig?” Enigma asked. She pulled her lenses up and took a sip of her tea. Mmm! Rosehip!

“A month from next Tuesday ma’am.”

Enigma laughed and pulled her lenses back down to give the bracer another inspection. “Nobility can’t be too happy about the short notice.”

“Should I make an appointment at Hoity Touty’s boutique for you attire for the Gala?”

“No my usual attire will suffice.” She scowled. “Besides I can’t stand being under that poodle’s measuring tape,” she growled. The inlay for the crystal was warped. She slammed the needle prongs down and tore her lenses off. “Damn it,” Enigma hissed. “Send out a letter to my gem supplier. I want his ass in my office tomorrow morning.”

“Yes ma’am,” Cal said with a curt nod. “Do you require anything else?”

“My pipe and the Dirgweed. I need to calm down and look at this from another angle.”

Cal bowed and left Enigma to the glow of her lamps and the steaming of her tea.

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