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Enigma Locket
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Enigma Locket

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Name: Enigma Locket

Gender: Female

Race: Earth Pony

Appearance: Short and squat Enigma is built with decent muscle in her limbs from years of working in her father’s shop and her many years abroad exploring the lands outside Equestria. Her coat is a dull bronze, course and thick while her mane is rust red. She keeps it relatively short for easy maintenance while her tail she leaves long and unkempt. Faint oil stains and many scars mar the fur of her legs and she is thin about the barrel. Her eyes, a soft grey, are alive with eccentric energy and she can often appear crazed. Her looks are fairly average, almost homely but she makes up for it with a unique sense of fashion. Fond of expensive suits her signature style is a pale (like bone) business suit, tailor made with a set of brass buttons and a thick chain running across her breast.

Personality: Eccentric yet brilliant, passionate yet cool headed, this mare would stare the most violent psychopath down with a calm smile. Confidence oozes from Enigma matched only by her wanton curiosity. Since a young age she was fascinated with what made the gadgets her father worked on worked. She can always be found in her workshop for hours, sometimes days on end, picking apart an engine or piecing together a new invention. She is thoroughly dedicated to her work and putting her father’s shop on the map. She is no patriot however and jokes often about the dedication to a throne and those who sit on it. She is very good at playing on another’s greed or hatred.

She has her own ambitions and intends to see them brought to fruition. She sees other ponies as a puzzle to unravel and does so with an exuberant zeal. She has no concept of honor but she has great respect for ambition. She is an intellectual at her core however and strives to surround herself with fellow intellectuals. She is also patient and greatly enjoys the long game. She despises being deceived by those she puts her trust in but in a fit of hypocrisy is a master liar.

She has one Achilles Heel however, her parents. She will lash out at anyone that insults her father's memory or takes a crack at her mother's disgraced status. She even went so far as to ensure her mother's comfort in Equestria’s Lady’s Row, a street adorned with the many manors and mansions of Canterlot’s richest.

Enigma has a white, hot temper when it is finally set off and will seek to slight and spite those that draw out this anger.

Backstory: Enigma grew up watching her father fix powered carriages and airships for the Royal Guard out of a small shop. She worshiped her father and saw him as her inspiration for being able to build his shop from the ground up. Her mother was more distant, almost cold but instilled in her daughter how to be a lady, the proper way to walk, talk and act. While some of the lessons fell flat, Enigma’s mother gave her a silver tongue and a will to use it. While most foals were playing with toys and coloring books, Enigma was taking apart the radio or the spare scrapped engine, studying blueprints and doing her best to piece together what was printed on them with varying success. She was curious from the get go, wanting nothing more than to fully understand the world around her, and showed no fear at the journey. Everything from mathematics to arcane theory she threw herself into and when she finished Standard School she strove to join one of the most prestigious schools in Equestria, Celestia’s School for Gifted Unicorns but when she couldn't apply simply because of her not having a swirl of bone sticking out of her skull she was livid. She then swore to become one of the leading minds in magic and its application.

She attended Versai Arcane Academy, a prestigious school on the Lunar Coast and second only to CSGU, and soon after Canterlot’s Silvercrest University where she earned degrees in lithomancy, allomancy, metallurgy, and arcane theory. She then used her time after to study abroad, learning all she could about other cultures’ use of magic. She studied under the alchemists of Sav’nah, the artificers of Gryphosi, the seers of Saddle Arabia, and the wyrms of the Dragon Lands. From each she learned something profound, any magic worth wielding was obtained through the knowledge and will to do so. She sneers at the unicorn magi of Equestria and looks forward to the day they are made obsolete.

When her father’s health started failing she returned home and helped out the shop under his direction. During this time she learned full well her mother’s history (she’s a disgraced heiress from a traitorous family), being forced to endure the glares and sneers from the nobility, something Enigma never bothered to notice when she was a filly but years of adapting to other cultures opened her eyes to others’ perceptions of her. She grew closer to her mother as well learning the cunning art of manipulation from the self proclaimed master at it.

When her father died, Enigma was rightfully devastated. She promised him to make his shop one of the biggest institutions in Equestria. She appealed to outfit the Royal Guard many times since then but found her designs brushed away by Princess Celestia and her damned radiant smile. This is where her decision to ally herself with the Nightmare came to be when she took over Equestria. Through some of the nobility she'd befriended through the years she earned her first audience with the newest ruler. While she found the mare intimidating she remained calm and collected, being one of the few to not stutter and lay unnecessary praise. She presented her designs and ideas to arm the guard as she had before, and she earned yet another smile from an alicorn, this time however it was from approval. Not a week later she was hard at work bringing her once paperclad and banned designs to life with deadly effect.

Her father’s meager shop now grows by the day. While she knows she is a mere curiosity to the Nightmare and she has a long way before she sits atop the heap but she plans to change all that with her upcoming design, a masterful combination of all she's learned over the years, a marvel of artifice, alchemy, and arcane.

Cutie Mark: A rust red heart shaped locket with the lid half torn away to reveal three black gears. She earned it well into her teens (she was a late bloomer not that she cared) when she chose to craft a Gryphosi style puzzle box for her father on his forty-eighth birthday. They shared the hobby of solving them and he'd always allow her try and solve the latest one he'd collected once he was done with it. She then decided to build her own and build it she did the most complicated he'd ever held. The pride she felt hit her like a truck and she knew then and there her calling after seeing the look on his face, the pride, and adoration, a second later her mark appeared. Her mark not only symbolizes her gift for puzzles as well as their construction but the love she shared with her father.

Faction: Loyalists.

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