Orion's Character

A Nightmare Takeover AU
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Orion's Character

Post by Night Striker » 2/11/18 07:32 PM

Name: Orion
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Thestral/Batpony
Appearance: Image
Personality: Orion is a blindly loyal guard to Nightmare Moon, willing to do anything she wants from him even if it makes him draw his last breath. He is absolutely terrified of doctors however... and nobody knows why that is.
((Ill update this more another day.. I just finished writing a school paper and im burned out))
Backstory: Orion was born part of the Strike clan in the city of Ferowind, one of the deep thestral cities that lay within the province of Leutscha. His original birthdate is unknown to him due to Orion being left in the streets of the city hours after birth due to unknown reasons. Once old enough to recognize the importance of a birthdate he chose the date 11/17/998. As a young colt Orion spent his days struggling to live in the streets of Ferowind, often times having to fight dogs, rats and other unfortunate souls for scraps of food he could survive on. His days were spent begging and fleeing from the local township if he had been caught stealing. One day however he was found and then rescued by the pony that would become his mother figure, a pony known as Nightmare Moon to others, but was known affectionately to the young colt as ‘Mother Moon’. He is blindly loyal to a fault and will follow any orders if it pleases her.
Cutie Mark: A shielded moon representing his sworn protection of Nightmare Moon.
(Will have an image when the commish is done.)
Equipment: Orion has a pair of electric claws on each hoof that deploy and retract from his shoes parallel to his legs. He also has a special glowing short sword he keeps upon his waist for last ditch efforts if something was to happen to his claws. His armor is the standard Nightmare armor given to all soldiers with no distinguishable features other than the sword and Huri, his falcon sized dragon that occasionally accompanies him.

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Re: Orion's Character

Post by Star Catcher » 4/12/18 04:50 PM

Starting out, sorry about the delay, I've actually been pretty busy elsewhere.

For the most part, the profile looks alright, but there are a few things I'd like to work with you on. First off, the whole "Mother Moon/Nightmare Moon" thing. My biggest worry about this is that if he had stolen and was in the middle of running away, Nightmare as I play her wouldn't have saved him. She's more of a Lawful Evil, she values order and autocracy. One way I'd play with this would be to have a fanatic loyalist take him in, convince him that Nightmare Moon truly has Equestria's best interests at heart, and work from there.

Second, I'm afraid you're going to need to explain how you came across a dragon companion.

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