The Food Raid (ask to join)

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Re: The Food Raid

Post by Tranquil Rampart » 2/10/18 07:27 PM

The Wolf kept his hold on The Lunar Wrath as long as he could. Even with a helmet, being bashed in the head with an armored hoof was not an idea situation. Still holding onto him, he took his free right paw and gave him a hefty punch, putting as much of his weight into it as he could before either releasing him, or maybe taking something with him in his jaws still. Either way, he would take a few steps back, slightly dazed from the several hits in on his head, looking for his mace.

He kept a close watch on The Lunar Wrath before finally realizing that he had been injured. A quick inspection of the wound showed that it had indeed penetrated his armor and cut through skin and dug into some bone. Bleeding, he growled and looked up at The Lunar Wrath, almost smiling. A close observation would show the wound he had healing gradually, the blood flow slowing. Lycanthropy had its benefits. It was quite possible he intentionally let that axe blow hit him for this reason.

The one on one duel, however, was quickly becoming less likely as the fallen had begun to rise up and shuffle about, looking for their new target. The Wolf could see them focus in on him, his eyes narrowing and his jaws in a deep grow. He grabbed his mace and braced himself, ready for their attack, his eyes looking more alive than ever as the hoard of the undead began to flood over him. With his mace he swung and shattered skulls, his shield became a weapon now as he used it to bash more of them with his weighty foreleg, and his free paw would swipe and tear at them.

The Gallant Troops were still falling back, using their formation to great effect, though most the focus was off of them at this point it seemed. They were managing thing rather well at this point. Once they were backed up against one of the older warehouses they broke into two formations, moving into deeper into the collection of industrial warehouses, a couple carts each group.

Then, in the sky there was something. A flare? It streamed up into the sky, then another, and another, from various locations, before exploding into lovely green fireworks.

"That is the signal. Deploy the screen and make your way to the exit points. Take a good look now while you can recognize them still."

The cart covers were pulled off, revealing an array of cannons and tubes all pointed skyward. Already loaded, they were all fired from each cart, launching into the air at various heights up and around the formation before exploding into clouds of white. All visibility from them by air would be concealed now, screening them from view, and as it slowly settled it would hide them on the ground as well. Visibility became incredibly poor, and unseen now, they began to withdraw into the maze of the industrial buildings....Though The Wolf stood alone.

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Re: The Food Raid

Post by Merits Demise » 2/10/18 07:42 PM

"Commander. The signal is sent. The surface forces are pulling out." Said a furry ragged looking pegasus in armor. Around him were various others, looking quite muddy and worn, carrying a stream of cargo on their backs. "If we strike now we can cause even more damage to their forces."

Commander Merits Demise sat at the makeshift war table before them made up of a few crates thrown together, surrounded by a few ranking officers and his personal air wolf guard. He made very little motions, simply staring at the scribbles and scrawling on the map before him. "I know you are itching for a fight, but we cannot engage them in the air. Not now. We lose the initiative the moment we do. This battle is won already. Now we just save what souls we have left and withdraw."

He stood up, the werewolf unicorn standing just as tall as any average unicorn would. "Lace the tunnels with explosives and set what is left of the interior of the food warehouses on fire. When they investigate, detonate. See to it that the food crates we have taken are spread into several groups. No sense in putting all our eggs in one basket."

The tunnels around him were rough and hardly the most attractive, though with much time and patience over the weeks and months, had managed to dig a tunnel under the perimeter to the food store houses. With the attack on the front gate, there were very few eyes inside that were difficult to silence as they broke through and began taking as much food as they could. The pegasai complained of course. They were not the greatest digger but they kept the tunnels ventilated. By the time the Loyalists found out what happened they would be gone and what little food remained would be in ashes.

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Re: The Food Raid

Post by Kadai Montanya » 2/10/18 08:22 PM

The punch sent the thestral reeling back, and with a sickening tearing sound mixed with a loud snap, the hoof was severed from the bite down, the wolf having the trophy within it's mouth. It was almost like time slowed, his body desperately trying to process what was happening around him, and to him. Oath Keeper clattered to the ground, a fountain of blood with arterial spray showed the separation of his hoof, and the next moment he was laying upon his back.

Sounds came in and out focus on certain things, the clash of steel, the sound of breaking bones, shouts and curses. As the Wrath laid upon the ground, he felt a warmth surrounding his body. First it started at his hoof, then covered his back, neck and hindlegs. Each heartbeat was heard within his head, each breath was taken calmly, golden eyes stared up at the night sky, following the flares that had been sent up. It was so.. peaceful. Tranquil. Calm. He focused on the stars, admiring their beauty, questioning their mysteriousness. Finally, he focused upon the moon, and the way it shined down upon them in an eerie glow. It was beautiful.. until it was blotted out by the smoke screen. All sound was deafened to him, besides the slow, steady sound of his breathing. Inhale.. exhale.. inhale.. exhale..


The mages had happily obliged Despair, despite knowing the severe consequences of deploying such a unorthodox weapon. Public relations would take a hard hit for that, but nonetheless they would maintain the spell. The non magical users began to move forward through the screen in an attempt to stop the rebels from feeling, or find their commander who was laying in a growing puddle of his own gore.

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Re: The Food Raid

Post by Night Striker » 2/11/18 11:44 AM

Above the battle and down the road, seven silhouettes stood where they had been since the beginning of the battle. Shaking his head slowly as he watched the battle unfolding, Orion and his small troop detachment sat on the roofs of some nearby warehouses watching with mixed interests at the carnage that was taking place. Wearing the standard lunar armor Orion was distinguishable from the average soldier, the only giveaway of his rank being the glowing sword on his hip. When the first alarms had gone up, he had flown quickly from his room in the castle to the barracks to meet up with his troops. Believing that the wrath could hold his own he was amused at the sight of him going down. Once the thick smoke began to settle however the batpony finally stood from his seated position on the rooftop perch. One thing that hadnt been noticeable to any in the battle that saw the seven batponies on the warehouses was that a full detachment was sitting hidden in the alleys surrounding the buildings they sat upon.

Once their commander stood the batpony raised his hoof letting out a whistle as thirty war cries broke the calming air, the guards streamed down into the remnants of the battle and worked on picking off whoever they could find before the smoke settled. Orion flew down to where he had last seen the wolf fighting, small sparks marking his hoof falls as the claws on his hoofguards scratched the ground. He did not know who this wolf was, and being the youngest commander he wasn't fairly interested in much more than skinning the pelt from it for the queen. Finding the wolf occupied the batpony stood for a moment amazed at the size of the beast before he noticed Oath in the puddle of blood, and the batpony quickly moved to start dragging him slowly back towards his own troops who now stood waiting in the smoke.

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Re: The Food Raid (ask to join)

Post by Pinkie Pie » 2/12/18 03:22 PM

Nearby, hidden out of sight were a bunch of ponies wearing cloaks to remain hidden. These were another resistance cell, one of the more extreme resistance cells. They had been watching, keeping an eye on things, curious to what the other rebellions had been up too.

At the front stood one pony in particular. She was the mastermind behind the this group, the terror of Appleloosa, the bomber of Canterlot. This was Pinkamena, standing proudly with her cloak hanging loosely from her frame, fluttering in the soft winds that had picked up. She turned to another and simply whispered, holding a hoof to the right, and then the left.

These two groups would make for the tunnels followed by Pinkamena's group at the rear. The two groups would split off, these would be used to help recover the food from those within, each with baskets upon their sides ready to store the food. They'd of course make them selves known to those inside, stating their allegiance to Celestia and those who sought to end Nightmare Moon's reign.

Pinkamena's group would try to meet up with any still stuck within the tunnels, drawing blades of different shapes and sizes with Pinkamena going for a kitchen knife. There was no time for her cannon in this situation and a quick stealthy approach was took. Any poor guard who was alone would find a knife in the back or their floats slit. Pinkamena admitted, she didn't know what to expect but her forces sent to help the removal of food was the priority.

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Re: The Food Raid (ask to join)

Post by Kitty Eboncraft » 2/12/18 10:15 PM

Horror swelled in through the Kitty's ragtag rebels. She watched transfixed as friend and foe rape from the ground, some still profusely bleeding. If only she hadn't turned to look behind! She grit her teeth and did her damnedest to still the quaking in her limbs. It was like she was an urchin again looking up at the swinging bodies of fellow thieves, some she knew others perhaps not but the message that one day she'd be decorating the bridge in such a fashion was a real possibility.

From above one of her archers fell, screaming from above. She ducked out of the way just in time, Jared from her state in time to avoid being crushed. With a sickening crunch the unlucky pony, a scrawny earth stallion, hit the pavement, and started to rise on splintered limbs. His... its eyes glowed a baleful yellow. Adrenaline fueled fear surged her forward. Once, thrice, thrice her hooves cracked his skull until it cracked open like an egg on the stones.

With a frenzied glare she looked up at the unicorns and pulled out her charm. She needed to find the castor, kill him or her and the spell would fizzle, she'd been taught so long ago. The unicorns were an almost blinding flash of light but all the magic was directed to a dark furred, cloak bound mare. She looked mad, or deranged and had he skinny frame that spoke of malnutrition.

Kitty set her teeth and plucked the fallen archer's alleypiece. She ripped his quiver from his back and fumbled with the bolts, getting the crossbow loaded in the midst of the ensuring chaos. Luckily the undead were more occupied with running after the Rampart than anyone else. She was no sharpshooter by any means but she knew how to use one of these. All she had to do was get one good shot in.

She raised the alleypiece, lifted herself aloft and took aim. With a steady breath to calm her nerves she let loose the bolt, praying to Celestia for the first time in her life her luck wouldn't fail her.

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Re: The Food Raid (ask to join)

Post by Branwen » 2/26/18 09:39 AM

The undead showed no signs of stopping as they poured towards the wolf, circling around him as they pressed in tightly and attacked like a pack of starving dogs. They beat their hooves against him, grinding their teeth against his armor while looking for any flesh to bite down on. Limbs and bodies wend flying from his attacks, but those that still had their heads just got back up and returned to fighting. Soon, they began to climb over each other, rising up like a wave of bodies and jumping at Rampart to land on his back.

Despair's eyes would flicker up to the skies for a brief moment, spying the flare before the white smoke bombs went off, covering the battlefield once more in a hazy smoke. It seemed their distraction was no longer needed, meaning whatever they planned had most likely been completed already. A angry growl escaped her lips, her eyes narrowing as she set her sights back on the Wolf. Some thestral loyalist had began to drag the Wrath off the field, though with that missing leg he wouldn't last long. Despair quickly amplified her voice with a small spell, then began to issue out orders. "You, bat, bring the Wrath to me. The rest of you, stop the rebel forces from retreating."

She cuts off the small spell, frowning as she watches the Wolf fight off the horde of zombies. She wouldn't leave this fight empty hoofed, the Wolf would be her prize and a big key in tracking down the rebels and ending this once and for all. Despair's ears twitched suddenly, picking up a faint whistling noise dimly in the midst of the battle before the crossbow bolt slammed into her shoulder. The impact caused her to stumble, a frown growing on her lips as she glances at the wound. The bolt had sunk in deep into her shoulder, blood oozing out and dripping down her leg slowly. Someone would pay for that in due time, but for now her sights were set on the Wolf.

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