Sir Tranquil Rampart

A Nightmare Takeover AU
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Sir Tranquil Rampart

Post by Tranquil Rampart » 1/11/18 09:10 PM

Hello. This is actually Victoria Vanity but i was interested in using this OC, Tranquil Rampart, for the RP setting. Here is my application. Was originally PMed but I got impatient and excited to RP so I'm totes dumping it here

Name: Sir Tranquil Rampart, aka 'The Rampart', 'The Wolf'
Race: Earth pony lycanthrope

Appearance: Tranquil is one of the few exceptions when it comes to a ponys size. Often called the gentle giant, he is a towering earth pony with a kind soul. His muted grey colors are like stone. He hardly looks like a pony now though, since Nightmare Moon took over his lycanthropy has been constantly in effect on him, looking more like a wolf than a pony, nose, ears, paws, and all. Being very large and built quite sturdy, the fact he is a werewolf with regeneration makes him even more enduring in combat than even some of the toughest opponents, however he tends to be slow, particularly in his armor.

Personality: Before Nightmare Moon returned, Tranquil spent his life helping those in need and being quite gentle when it did not involve violence. However since the moon rose in the sky and never came down he has been more aggressive and haunted by his more bestial instincts. Each day he feels like he is slipping further into being what he is trying to fight.

Backstory: Currently the eldest and ranking member of Noble House Gallant. Tranquil was knighted some time before Nightmare Moon and holds that honor still for his service, however he relies more on his brother for his strategy in war. He contracted lycanthropy a few years ago and only had to deal with it so often, but now with the moon out constantly he can hardly show himself in public, and constantly has to keep aware of himself and what he is fighting for. Protecting those in need is what drives him, though lately his image often can scare an unprepared pony, being that more of a wolf than a pony. Only some of his Equinity is still visible.

Cutie Mark: A rook with a white colored rose, representing his strength to weather the worst of anything and keeping a good heart.

Equipment: Full plate armor and helmet with a wolfs theme.
A heavy mace and tower shield.

Faction: Rebellion


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