Another Bombing..

A Nightmare Takeover AU
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Another Bombing..

Post by Pinkie Pie » 1/9/18 05:30 PM

As the clocked chimed 12 o’clock in the afternoon, the bustle train station in Canterlot erupted into a fireball. Explosions, rigged around the base of multiple columns supporting the grand station, would cause each to crumble and fall. The station itself, the trains, the public, most would die instantly from the explosion, of course there would be survivors. Though as the building crumbled, fliers will fall around the area for ponies and loyalists to find.

“This is the first of many, the spark of rebellion. We have infiltrated the capital, we are everywhere. We have many more surprises for you. We have names, we have the supplies. We have ponies willing to die to bring Celestia back, to bring back the sun. You are either with us or against us, your choice is that. Many will die, many will perish. You all need to remember why we praised the sun. She will return one day and you who support Nightmare Moon’s tyranny will suffer her wrath”

Under this was a picture of the southern rebellion, the sun surrounded by red. They had been attacking more frequently, killing guards who were on patrol, leaving the symbol behind. All the loyalist knew was there was one at the top of this rebellion cell. One only know as the Pink One. Whomever this pony was, she was starting trouble and this was the 20th bombing attack in Canterlot.
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Kadai Montanya
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Re: Another Bombing..

Post by Kadai Montanya » 1/9/18 05:50 PM

Just moments after the explosion, a rather large force of Nightmare Forces were on scene containing the area. At the head was the Wrath. Dancing flames reflected in those golden eyes as he surveys the devastation caused by the rebellion.. no.. terrorists. "Close off the area. Bring in medical aid and assist the wounded.. patch them up then detain them. I want to question them. I want several patrols clearing each building of this fucking city.. you hear me? Well..? What are you doing.. MOVE IT!" The thestral snapped as he looks down at a flier he was stepping on, "And burn these.. burn them ALL."

Such a waste. He knew they were long gone, but maybe with some form of luck they could find a trace.. follow it back to the source for a swift victory. One day they will slip up, and he will be there to capitalize on their failure. But right now, he failed. He let them attack their city. With the proposal of the Gala to go on, it was on his shoulders, as with the Commander's to keep the security of the city. Walking forward, he outstretched a hoof and turned over a badly burnt corpse. Lifeless eyes stared up at him as he snorts, "Such a pity. If only they knew they hurt themselves just as much."

"And bring me whoever was in charge of security. I want a.. word with them." The tone in his voice betrayed what the consequences to failure ensue. They would pay. Each attack would not go unanswered.

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