Selter Lex

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Selter Lex

Post by Selter » 11/26/17 11:16 PM

Name: Selter Lex
Age: MiddleAged-32
Race: Kirin; Unicorn breed

Personality: Timid, skittish and often sickly most the time, Selter is fairly quiet unless otherwise confronted by someone else. Particularly someone who is interested in buying her wares. Unlike her prime counterpart however, if pushed hard enough her draconian blood will rise to the surface, bringing about a vicious blood lust like retribution that will result in vicious wounds to anyone who brings her to such a point, if not outright death if possible


Found abandoned and thusly raised on a pear farm outside of Manehatten, young Selter Lex, name given to her by her adopted parents and owners of said pear farm grew up under the impression she was for all intents and purposes, nothing more than a feral unicorn with a mutated horn. Raised by these two earth ponies she was treated like any other foal of the odder form would be, mostly loved and protected while growing up. However it wouldn't be long before the young mare was soon found out to be not a unicorn, but a kirin by a group of traveling merchants heading towards the Capital of Equestria. Unsure how to explain such a thing to Selter, both her adopted earth pony parents kept this from her up until their passing as she entered her 15th winter. Where in upon their death bed her mother would reveal she was neither their daughter, and a kirin. Selter in accordance to their wishes would burn them both, and bury their ashes to create one more orchard of pear trees.

After a number of days aboard the train to the capital Selter would arrive in Canterlot to live with her aunt and her family, who, although despite seeing her as an oddity did not turn her away instead giving her a little shop in the lower districts to help run to earn her keep during the days in which she wasn't attending school. Up until her 18th birthday, Selter lived a mostly normal life in Canterlot. Attending school, doing her best to socialize, and fit in even despite her awkward looks and behaviors. It wasn't until her graduating year in which she was attacked by a number of her classmates that Selter's life began to turn towards the worst. Being born to more privileged and wealthier families whose heads held hatred of anything xeno of any sorts, specifically kirin, a number of the students in Selter's school would then trick the young kirin mare into joining them at a party near a local nightclub only to attack the defenseless young mare. During the few hours of torment, young Selter would be repetitively injured over and over again, resulting in a number of broken bones, and a broken horn that required every penny her remaining family had to repair. Thus resulting in weakened magic traits; struggling harshly to even lift a book or two.

After said attack and recuperation, Selter would soon after drop out of the highschool she had been attending, moving to live in the small shop provided by her aunt after her lost fight with cancer. Without family to rely upon, and without any true friends to keep in touch with, Selter would simply throw herself into her hobby of collecting books, tomes, and anything of literary value. However as the year of the night began to approach, the legends she had been told before her step parent's deaths began to grow within her mind, and her fears of it coming to light were slowly but surely warranted. As on the day of the summer sun celebration the sun did not rise, and the moon hung in the sky for the entire day. And soon enough given this she sought out her father whom had hidden himself away in the woods of White Tail just outside the city. Which was her only saving grace when the Nightmare troops invaded the city, sacking it within only a few hours. However as the moon continued to linger in the sky, her father, the great brown dragon of the woods would bury himself into the ground after passing on as much as he could to the young kiriness, falling into hibernation until the heat and warmth of the sun returned to the world. For even a dragon of the forest cannot live in a world of bitter cold and endless night. A fate in which Selter would be forced to suffer now. Because as she returned to the city she would find herself sluggish, and utterly bitterly cold, the heat and warmth of the sun replaced with only the looming glow of the moon above. Since her return to Canterlot and her shop, she has remained mostly within it's walls, struggling to remain alive in many ways, as with her failing health came a number of sicknesses and complications. Including a brush with pneumonia that crippled her for weeks. Without the sun her scales have begun to grow weak and brittle, paling under the lack of light to a mere ghost like hue of their former color. Her eyes as well, forever in a near constant state of widened exposure to capture as much light in the darkened world as possible. Making her much more sensitive to intense light sources. Her mane has also been cut much shorter, as the longer length has proven to be more a hindrance than any benefit.

Still, despite her failing health and the bitter cold her situation and overall quality of life have seemingly improved however.

As when the nobles of the city were removed from power by Nightmare and her followers, the taxes in place for all kirin were effectively removed, and the harassment from the local shops and keepers seemingly dried up overnight. Allowing Selter to focus more on medicine for her health and such. As well as gems to power her meager and inefficient space heater which keeps herself from freezing to death within her shop. She still sells books to this day, though as it happens most new books are only those allowed by the new regime, which while not as popular have brought her in a sizable income to which she can support herself upon. One other boon of note is that the kirin seems to have attracted the eye of a certain DJ. Meeting each other at a local night club where in which the DJ was drawn to the uniqueness of Selter's look and body. The two have been smitten since, Vinyl being one of the few anchors for Selter that allow her to survive the endless cold.

However of recent a new development has begun to appear. Only a day ago Selter was requested to appear before the throne for an unspecified reason. If there was a reason for it, then no one has said. But upon returning from the castle the kirin would be seen sporting a small metal like adornment to her horn that seemed to restore her magic capabilities be it at a fraction of their previous power. Though it will be many many years before it can manifest itself into something of note. Selter also seems to be slightly more energetic than before, though the reason for this remains to be seen. Something clearly happened to her within the castle, but such a thing remains squarely between herself and those involved. While she is not the largest fan of the regime, seeing as her father remains in hibernation, and her body seems to be failing her, she remains unwilling to fight back nor raise her voice in protest. She would rather live as she is now, rather than find herself on the chopping block. What her future holds is uncertain, but it remains squarely up to those in charge.

CutieMark: None
Equipment: Small horn apparatus, a book store, and her sweater. Elemental breath attack.(Concussive shotgun wave)
Faction: Neutral

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Re: Selter Lex

Post by Star Catcher » 11/29/17 02:53 AM

Approved, although I'd have preferred you PM this to me. Can't wait to see what the adornment does for your character.

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