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A Nightmare Takeover AU
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Wrought Alloy

Post by Wrought Alloy » 11/17/17 03:22 PM

//Here is my character sheet, if I need to make any edits do let me know.

Name: Wrought Alloy
Age: Young adult
Gender: Female/Mare
Race: Unicorn

Appearance: A mare who is usually clad in a set of black plate armor, concealing her body and face both. Very few have seen her true appearance, though her flamey mane and tail are visible. Having been magically changed from an orange and brown to a navy and silver blue.
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Personality: A mare who talks with very few ponies, and generally fears getting too attached. She is cold and focused in combat, but with a ferocious and merciless yet bloodlust.

Outside her bounty hunting she is usually calm, layed back, and heavily indulgent in alcohol. The mare carries deep mental scars from her past, and it shows to those who know her. She sometimes has flashbacks, and often tries to treat her inner scars by indulging in whatever pleasures she can access. Though she finds them helpful, the thrill of combat and bounty hunting is her primary escape from her inner scars.

Given Nightmare Moon's helpful actions towards her she has no qualms with working for the night princess. She finds herself on good terms with her, given the princess nursed her back to health and helped her escape a nightmarish dreamscape.

Though she's generally treated well, Nightmare moon has a leash on her. She has a spell on Wrought which can pull her mind into the nightmarish dreamscape she once faced. It acts as insurance to ensure she cannot nor will not turn against her.

In an old yet colorful time in Equestria's history, Wrought lived within a Guild of Unicorns sharing the gift of metal based Magic. Capable of heating metal without a forge and manipulating it in ways blacksmiths could only dream. She was born into and would thrive with the guild, seeing it grow to prominence and fame. Soon they were practically nobles in the city of Los Pegasus from which they rose.

However that fame and power would go to many of their heads, and the Guild would start to turn more and more into a gang. Growing further in power as they built up into a criminal organization, soon turning from being respected to feared. Wrought and many others would turn on them then, and would go on to split away and fight them. Even intervention from Solar Guard would not stop them however, and the traitors would be hunted and killed.

All of them except for Wrought, who would strike back and hunt down those she once loved as family. Slaying them on by one, in an insanity that her face showed only through a suppressed stare but fighting showed through merciless slaying. Her final fight with the guildmaster would end with his death, and with that she would be left alone.

Walking out into the mild west desert, Wrought would leave Los Pegasus intent on dying in the desert. She may have saved that city, but she lost everything she held dear. The mare would not however see death, for when she jumped off of a great sandstone rock luck would have her fall into a cavern of magic gems. Such gems would keep her broken body alive in a stasis that would last for over thirty years.

All through this time her mind would be trapped in an ongoing dream, her emotions and memories forming chaotic and violent dreams. Trapped in this dream she would think herself in a twisted afterlife, forever trapped in a surreal arena landscape to fight specters of those she once loved when not reliving her family's fall. She would go more and more insane within the nightmare scape she was trapped in.

As time went by, Nightmare moon would return and claim her place as ruler of Equestria and the skies. And eventually she would explore the dreamscape to find the insane dreams of this mare. Witnessing the memories and discovering the skill and abilities of this mare Nightmare decided to make use of her. Entering her dreams she would free Wrought from her chaotic landscape, and give her a deal.

Her guards found the mare in her stasis, bringing her out and awakening her before she was taken to Canterlot. She was privately nursed back to help from the injured and emaciated state she was found in. Soon she was back to health, accepting the deal presented.

Forging herself some weapons, and a full set of armor, the mare would go on to take on her job for the princess. She would soon enough form her reputation as the fearsome bounty huntress, hunting down the most dangerous of rebels and criminals within Nightmare's new kingdom. Her skills with her pollaxe and longsword both proved formidible, making her a mare the rebels fear.

Cutie Mark: Hinted at by carvings on her armor, a forged sword blade with flames on it alongside a pollaxe and crossbow.
-Full set of plate armor, forged in germane gothic style mixed with equestrian guard style.
-A longsword decorated in a lunar theme with a swept hilt.
-A polearm built with a multi faceted head. A deadly spike for thrusting, hammer head for armor and crescent shaped axe head for flesh.
Faction: Loyalists

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Re: Wrought Alloy

Post by Star Catcher » 11/29/17 02:42 AM

While I'd hoped you'd send me this in PM, it looks just fine. Lemme get it you in.

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