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by Diamond Shine
5/18/18 01:59 AM
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: Feelings Forum
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Re: Feelings Forum

"Love...hmmm...." The foreign alicorn had to ponder the insect king's prompt subject on love. Diamond briefly taps his chin as he thinks of a proper response. " can be a different from anycreatures perspective. There is more ideals in 'love' it can be a pretty vague word." Diamond was for ...
by Diamond Shine
5/18/18 01:45 AM
Forum: Artist Alley
Topic: Art of Diamondbutt
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Re: Art of Diamondbutt

Oh! You do?!!? *Gaaaaaaaspp*
by Diamond Shine
5/11/18 01:05 AM
Forum: General OOC
Topic: Mint's Culinary Display
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Re: Mint's Culinary Display

Now I'm not one for steak, but damn! Looking at it and your description just made me hungry! XD
by Diamond Shine
4/16/18 05:43 PM
Forum: Roleplaying
Topic: The Emperors of Neighpon Vol 1(AU Guide.)
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The Emperors of Neighpon Vol 1(AU Guide.)

Yari Pierce- 30th Emperor "The Unifier" Yari Pierce was born 4/2/3093, notably being the Emperor to unify the State of Neighpon, thus bringing an end to the Feudal Era that ravished the country for nearly 700 years. Bringing the authority of regional shoguns and warlords under the authority of the E...
by Diamond Shine
3/21/18 12:51 AM
Forum: Artist Alley
Topic: Diamond's World Map Ver. 2.0
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Re: Diamond's World Map Ver. 2.0

I swear! This is the FINAL update on my lore world map! Now landmarks(i.e, mountains, lakes, cities, national forest and even time zones added! ;D)

by Diamond Shine
3/13/18 02:51 AM
Forum: Artist Alley
Topic: Official Neighpon Guide(Diamond's AU)
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Official Neighpon Guide(Diamond's AU) A guide to the many points of interests within the prosperous and peaceful nation of Neighpon! Forgive me for the names, I have decided to not go with pony-punned Japanese names and take a more approach to fantasy like names. I think these...