Lunar Guard Barracks

<p>The Lunar guard, like the Solar guard, are your typical infantry, which double as national defense and police force. The ranks go all the way from private to Captain with promotions based on time, performance of duties and field experience.<br /><br />The ranks of the Lunar and Solar Guard respect each other, in that either will accept orders from higher ranks in the other division. However, generally speaking, the Solar Guard and Lunar Guard each handle their own business separately, and orders are typically only cross-division in actual field situations in lower ranks. When transferring from Solar to Lunar guard, gained ranks are retained.<br /><br />While the main bodies of the Lunar guard are infantry divisions, separate divisions work jointly with the Celestial Guard and the Royal Intelligence Agency. The Lunar Guard division tends to specialize in stealth missions that require tactical and concealment expertise. However, being assigned to a special-operations division requires an application process. Normal members of the infantry division are not assigned to them.</p>