Ministry of Morale

<p>The Ministry of Morale is one of the 6 Ministries made by Princess Luna within the Fallout: Equestrian Universe. Each ministry was headed by one of the mane 6, with the Morale department headed by the Element of laughter. The Ministry of Morale's goal was as it says on the tin, they keep the morale at bay for the citizens of Equestria. Pinkie going to the frontline to keep the cheers up for the troops or attending the parties of those who had lost ponies during the war. Beyond keeping morale up though, Pinkie's ministry would double as security and the spy network. If Pinkie needed you to talk, she had ways of making you do so. Be it from taking your memories or putting you through some torturous means. Most importantly though, the Ministry would keep tabs on the Zebra folks living in Equestria, better wiped than striped, remember ponies. (Now this page is the foundations of a rp I'm planning. If you'd like to join the Ministry of Morale in the up and coming rp, sign up here. No Zebras ((too keep it lore friendly XP)))</p>