Anglean Conglomerate

<p><em>The Anglean Conglomerate</em> is a smallish Nation at the far North-East of Equestria, past the Artic Sea, just north of the Celestial Ocean, located closer to the magnetic north pole than the Crystal Empire and Yak-Yakistan. It's composed mainly of three Tribes and loose alliances of small settlements and groups that dwell within the wastes of the North, scavenging the ruins of ancient civilizations that once existed thousands of years ago, when the land was warmer.<br /><br />The harsh climate and the orography force the Ponies and creatures that live in the area to settle in previously existing structures, repurposing the large ruins of times of old for modern needs. Some new settlements have appeared through the everchanging snowy wasteland of the North, most of them being built inside large caves in the tall mountains, or within the numerous ravines that formed through constant geological activity. Some cities have flourished in the hotspots from where magma pierces through the permafrost, giving away a heat that is necesary for survival in the North.<br /><br />Agriculture is almost unexistant; Some of the towns have small hydroponic farms and hothouses that produce just enough crops to mantain the local population for a short period of time. Hunting for meat and fishing are the main sources of susteinance in the Anglean Conglomerate, all of wich get compressed into Nutrient Blocks and distributed through the population via rationing. Each Block is expected to feed an Adult Pony through a whole day in a balanced diet. Some settlements, however, fill up these rations with sawdust to use less raw food, while others instead make a thin, watery soup. Food queality depends heavily on the region and avaliability of resources.</p> <p>Anglean politics are simple to a degree; The Three Tribes, marked after a colour (Red for the Warriors, Orange for the Tinkerers and Blue for the Thinkers) select a common Leader amongst a few candidates elected by the general population. Then each important desition is made through voting "Yes" or "No". At the time of deciding, the Leader gets one vote, if the 51% of the populance of each Tribe votes 'yes' or 'no', it counts as one vote for the whole Tribe, and finally, the general populance votes. Wichever side gets the 51% counts as one vote. If the total ammount of votes is above 3, the bill is passed, and a new law is created, or changed. However, each individual settlement can create their own laws, regulations and customs, as long as it doesn't go against the common laws set by the Conglomerate.</p> <p>Anglean history is misty at best, as written records are very few, and spread through too much land to be easily accessed -And paper is often used as fuel when it doesn't freeze. Spare pieces here and there tell the tales of thousands of years ago, a three-way civil war broke out on the region, as the temperatures dropped drastically, causing crop failures and the sprout of diseases. Most of the Ponies that lived in the North emmigrated to the south, of wich none ever came back. The Ponies left behind eventually gathered into three tribes, surviving and adapting to the colder climate, albeit still having skirmishes with eachother through the following centuries. Eventually, the remaining survivors bonded together as their old civilization finally collapsed, and their resources became scarse. They finally decided to join forces into one flag and name, and thus the Conglomerate was formed, loosedly held together by the mutual need to continue the species and survive in the harsh climate they were abandoned on.</p> <p>Anglean scripture and language heavily ressembles the ancient Unicornian, with slight hints of Earth Pony and Pegasi words. Enough differences from Equestrian to make it a different language, yet making it close enough that any Anglean can learn Equestrian relatively quickly. This of course, depends on the individual.</p> <p>Anglean technology is easily comparable to Equestrian, as it's based mostly around the use of steam-powered machinery and Coal or Energy Crystals to produce heat, to make water boil in order to make a generator run, for heat and energy. Although 'Televisions' don't exist, short and Medium range Radio transmission is common, each city having at least one Steam-based boiler to power itself and stay warm, and one Radio kit to stay in contact with the Capital. Although the nation posseses this advanced technology, the average household doesn't go above the use of gas-operated ovens and magical freezers to keep rations from spoiling. Water threatment is obligatory in all cities, so are cementeries and steam hubs on the streets. Health Care is raw, with the usage of home remedies to fight off the Frostbite and common ilnesses, and recurring to amputations in extreme cases. Some cities, however, do possess propper Hospitals and employ ancient Magic to accelerate recovery, avoiding harsh methods to fend off illnesses and frostbite.</p> <p>However, some recent interactions with the Angleans have revealed that they are in posession of fragments from an Obelisk of Warmth -Ancient relics that once upon a time, had a similar function to the current Crystal Heart. The fuel they use, and the process through wich they are made, however, is obscure and kept away from prying eyes. Only a few know how they function, but it is hinted that they consume Coal to create a small area where temperature is normalized and controlled.<br /><br />"Heave lads! Ho lads!<br />Forget the comforts of home you&rsquo;re a nomad;<br />We've lost so much since we first started;<br />Are our hearts cold or are we cold hearted? <br />So pray to your lord or your foremare;<br />That the sun might rise in the morning;<br />They told us hell was warm;<br />But our empire fell for shelter from the storm."</p> <p><em>-Extract from the Anglean records</em></p> <p><br />(( More to be added! ))</p>