Tragic Seven Project

Black Winter's (Newmoon's Grandfather) Journal

<p>Soon after morning her grandfather's death, Newmoon Winter is sent down to Ponyville to continue her studies until her grandfather's cottage is finished being repaired. On the night of Hearth's Warming Eve, she receives a letter from her long passed grandfather along with one of his lost journals.&nbsp;From that moment in time, everything changed. No matter what, adventure always finds it's way to Newmoon as she tries to unlock the secret of her grandfather's journals, and heeds the warning of something coming to disrupt the balance in Equestria. The last piece of advice that was given to her before she left her home of Canterlot came in a letter from Princess Celestia, "<span style="font-weight: 400;">I have one important request to make of you, as you continue your studies, please make some friendships along the way.</span>"</p> <p>Will she have the courage to face whatever comes her way? Who are these friends she's supposed to befriend? These answers will come in the chatroom "Tragic Seven Project", so come join in the adventure.</p>