The Coristian Order

<p>The Coristian Order was established in the year of October of 1815 by Free Form in the city of Coristis (Now known as Damascus, the capital of the Nation-State which now goes by Coristis). It's roots were based upon a Cult of Changeling Worshippers whom Free was once a part of. After Free found himself twirling into the abyss that was the Medium (A limbo-like place where all Shadhavar who go to die are taken). The Changeling Order quickly fell apart leaving Free Form by himself when he returned. He'd later come to create the Coristian Order with a much better image as to encourage people to join and take part in an effort to store and protect all artifact, Changeling and Ponylike from the general public to avoid any chances of the destruction of any place of nature. Within the Coristian Order. There are several layers held within the organization to keep it functioning, with different leader types who all follow under Free Form, the Grand Master's orders. While the Coristian Order has been established, it has not yet had all it's rules hammered out, and is very much a work and process, not only with the exact rules set in place, but also the development of new Coristians, and buildings to hold the residence of Coristians.</p>