New Dawn Cult (NPC)

<p>Currently a Work in Progress -A propper description and history will be added here, alongside sub-pages to propperly orhanize this!</p> <p>Marked NSFW due to potential descriptions of sacrifices, use of blood to a great extent, torture, brainwashing, extreme Cult activities, Lollygagging and violence in general. And Gore. Be warmed!</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>"The New Dawn, promised to us since the Age of Darkness, can only be achieved through blood and ritual. Brothers and sisters, rejoice! For today, we receive the blessing of a new Dawn. Let the flesh bend to the will of the light! Let their sacrifice bathe us in the glorious will of a new sun!" -Extract of a Phrophet's speech.</em></p> <p>The New Dawn is a religious Cult of extremist Solar beliefs, believing that the only way to battle the Darkness that promises an impending doom, is to bathe the world in an ethernal day, effectively purging the land from any trace of the malevolent entity that is known as 'The Darkness' (See Season 7 Finale for more information), employing ancient magic to brainwash and trigger highly aggressive, zealot, intolerant attitude upon innocent Ponies, to twist their minds upon command in order to carry on with the rituals needed to steal the Sun from Celestia's grasp, and leave it on the sky.</p> <p>The Cult, unlike to their Lunar counterpart, strikes in plain daylight, with the use of hit-and-run Guerrilla tactics and sleeping agents implanted through the nation, using distinctive, yet concealable gear, such as Masks to hide facial features, Kilts to hide cutiemarks, and Spells taken from Changelings that change the coloration of the body -Effectively making each active Cultist look just like the previous one, when beneath the lack of individuality, lies a brainwashed, mentally-controlled Pony.</p> <p>The weaponry they use can be found almost anywhere; From magic spells used by Unicorns, to wing and hoof blades, to even kitchen knives and stolen swords -Even the bare hooves if needed. They have a tight chain of command -But the orchestrator of this madness is yet to be discovered, their identity being impossible to discover, as any captured Cultist tends to commit suicide, or die to a heart attack due to the side-effect of the mind controlling spell before any interrogation is possible.</p> <p>They are known for ponynapping victims from any town, at any time of the day, for any reason; Most will keep them alive for indoctrination or sacrifice, subtly taking the victim from every pony else's sight for a given time, only to be returned like if nothing ever happened, as a new sleeping agent to be awakened when the time comes.</p> <p>Sometimes, they will run Raids against small villages, with the intention to kidnap everypony who lives there, for a mass sacrifice to their dieties, leaving nothing but the buildings behind.</p> <p>They are also known by aligning their moments of peak activity -Acting with a great intensity during the Solstice, the longest day of the year.</p> <p>They are considered a great mwnace to society, due to their capability to strike almost anywhere, in plain sight, and through anypony. Brothers turning on eachother, Mothers kidnapping their children, Grandparents turning on their neighbors, Etc...</p> <p>The Cult's symbol is known as the 'Hopeless Dawn'; A symbol that once used to give hope to Ponies during the Dark Ages with the symbolism of a raising sun, shining across the dark clouds. Now, that a long time has passed, its meaning has twisted into that of a symbol of pure madness and corruption; What once were rays of sunlight, became nails pointing to the mind; What once was a sun, is now a torture device. This symbol is usually imprinted in the Cult's Cach&eacute;s hidden through the country, on their masks, and important tools, such as sacrificial blades, altars and points of importance. Most Ponies tend to ignore this, and often oversee them, even when in plain sight.</p>