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Unicorn Pony
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Musical symbol on a disk
Canterlot / Ponyville
well known Canterlot musician, produces and sells his own music as he travels around Equestria performing on stage for other ponies.
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Character Image:
A light blue coat with a white mane and tail. He is average in size, and average in weight.
I should also add the way you pronounce his name is (Light Note)
His personality is a bit stubborn but he follows his heart and learns from past mistakes. Generally he won't do something that he finds off (crazy)
music, adventures
Misc Information:
1. No one liners.
2. Don't take forever to reply, although don't rush yourself either. Take your time to formulate a responce.
3. Most rps are noncanon, unless asked upon so.
4. No mary sues, no over powered ocs, no *hits you in the face*, give me a chance to respond
5. 1-2 responses minimum between mine, if you can't wait for me to reply back, then remove me. I take my time to formulate the next response.
6. Have fun with our story!
History and Details:
<p><strong>-=Liate=-</strong> <br />Liate Noate was born in Canterlot by two loving unicorns. He was born with no siblings and enjoyed living in the fancy life. For the first 10 years of his life he lived happily with a couple of friends and attending school. He wasn&rsquo;t a genius, but he had the general smarts to pass all of his classes. He did pass as one of the top four. He didn&rsquo;t go through any bullying or despair. He did feel love though when he had his first crush. It was on one of his classmates, Twilight Sparkle. He rarely talked with Twilight, but never really had much of a conversation. She was too busy with studies to just talk with Liate. He never told any pony else that he had a crush on Twilight either. <br /><br />After he graduated from school, he never saw Twilight again. He hadn&rsquo;t gained his cutie mark yet and was still wondering what his true ability was. He was quite skilled in magic so he tried multiple different things. Stuff like juggling, advanced magic, ect.; but all of them didn&rsquo;t give him his cutie mark. One day when he was about 15, he was helping his parents take in groceries when they were done shopping and heard some cool music. That is when his mind clicked, he wanted to try music. He always loved music when growing up, so who was to say he couldn&rsquo;t make his own. <br /><br />Liate enrolled in music school and started taking a lot of different classes. He learned how to make magical sound waves, use levitation on instruments and all that jazz. When he graduated he self-taught himself how to manipulate the magic around him. He could feel other ponies magic and manipulate it. While watching another pony pour a glass of water, he manipulated her magic so that the water turned into ice instead. He giggled a bit, but then had a better idea. Using the idea of magical sound waves, he manipulated his own magic and before he knew it, he was creating music out of thin area by magic. He practiced more and more and was able to create multiple instruments and short sounds and songs. <br /><br />He performed these to his friends and they were hugely impressed. They encouraged him to perform it at a concert. He did it at a small concert playing a short simple song like &lsquo;Let it Snow&rsquo; and when it ended he sat down on stage sweating a bit. There was no response from the crowd except shock. Then after a few moments they began cheering. Liate smiled and started crying tears of joy. A short flash happened and his cutie mark appeared. He knew what his destiny was. He began writing songs and creating his own works and albums. Multiple ponies bought from him even out of Canterlot. He was now a famous Canterlot musician. <br /><br />When Liate turned 19 Luna had returned and turned into Nightmare Moon (the first two episodes explain). Her chaos caused Liate&rsquo;s house to engulf in flames and only Liate was able to escape in time. His parents had died in that fire. Liate then ran to Ponyville to live the rest of his life there. His heart was broken and he didn&rsquo;t want to love any pony at all. Whenever the thought pops into his mind, he just breaks down into tears. He still produces music and does concerts, but he keeps the thought of his parents out of his mind. <br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Things to Remember:</span><br />-&nbsp;<em>He used to live in Canterlot, but now he lives in Ponyville.<br /></em>-&nbsp;<em>His parents dies in a fire from Luna's attack.<br /></em>-<em> He is an amateur musician.</em><br /><br /><strong>-=Darke=-</strong> <br />Darke is a shadow pony, one of Sombra's types. The shadow ponies live off of magic and can only use certain types of magic as well. They are limited to two types which are represented by their cutie mark. Every shadow pony has a shadow on their cutie mark, but they also have another shape on their cutie mark as well. In this case, Darke's cutie mark was a shadow with orange flames, meaning he could only use shadow magic and orange flame type magic. Since the shadow ponies only live off of magic, they can only use a certain amount of magic before they get exhausted and collapse to recharge on magic. They can use a lot of their magic at once and get certain color flames by their eyes like Sombra's based on their second ability. Darke would get orange flames by his eyes when he is doing so. When they do so, they're magic gets ten times stronger but they can exhausted quicker.<br /><br />The shadow ponies also have their own dimension where they can take other ponies in there, but only shadow magic can be used, not even Chrysalis could use magic in the dimension. When in the dimension, it is like their bodies are frozen in the real time, motionless and can't be affected, until they are brought back from the other dimension. Being a shadow pony, he can disguise as other ponies at a cost by slowly draining his magic. They are also given a weapon of choice when created. When Darke was created he chose a giant thick sword which he can use to cut through solid material with ease. When using all of his powers he can cut through things about 1200 feet away as if he cut through them normally by just swinging his sword in that direction. An orange slice is shown in that direction when he swings his sword on full power. <br /><br />The shadow ponies were created by Sombra when he first took over the Crystal Empire and do not age to their death; the only way they could die is they were killed. About 100 years after their creation, Sombra wanted more power and so he decided to cause the shadow war and killed a majority of the ponies, wiping their name off of history. Not many ponies even know of their existence anymore. The ones who survived are the ones who escaped. <br /><br />Darke was one of the ones who escaped. His appearance is fairly similar to Liate's except for his cutie mark and his colors are slightly darker than Liate's as well. His eyes are also orange instead of purple like Liate's. When looking closely, he doesn't have a shadow and if you looked at his hooves, you can see that he slowly fades into the ground, but the top of his body is normal. He doesn't feel or experience emotions, he only lives on hatred as he seeks vengeance on his clan and wants to revive Sombra to gain full and true power. To become a normal unicorn and take over Equestria.<br /><br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;">Things to remember:</span><br /><em>- He doesn't really have any emotions</em><br /><em>- He lives on magic<br />-</em>&nbsp;<em>Romance and erp are likely not going to be an option.</em></p>
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"You must learn to forgive yourself before you can learn to forgive others"
~Liate Noate