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His appearance is that of a handsome beige stallion, his mane a faded crimson that rolled down his neck. He kept up an elegant and formal appearance, as his occupation required a pony that would appear both attractive to the masses, and one whose voice appeared smooth and crisp in the air during speeches. A fixed confident smile adorned his face nearly constantly, while his eyes seemed care-free and dauntless.

His eyes were the most notable feature of them all, two giant emeralds that held in contrast to the faded crimson played their part in his manipulation. Many ponies could even have said as if they had glowed in their direct presence, but it is insure if the glowing was the remnant of his previous changeling life, or the brightness of the eyes themselves.
History and Details:
<p>Wildcard serves as a representative towards small or large pony organizations and companies. He is a spokespony who follows his job to perfection, allowing no room for error or fault. His voice sounds as clear as crystal, and he thrives in such pristine dialect. His life seems fairly regular, however, seemingly too much so. Wildcard thrives in his ability to keep what he wants public, and whatever else he wants hidden. His motivations for it all remain a mystery to uncover to the public eye. Wildcard Mask is a changeling that had transformed into a pony decades ago, surpassing the length of any other known changeling to hold a transformation. This was a difficult feat, most changelings having no desire to keep a visage that is not their own for so long, preferring their regular form if it's not required to hold up such an act. Dissatisfied with the results of Queen Chrysalis, he had sought to succeed where she had failed, though without her methods of brute force and magical control. He believes the best way to gain control is by social manipulation, controlling the masses through suggestion alone, and he sought to perfect the art of the tongue. Appearing through a changeling's transformation to grow up from a young colt into a twenty year old stallion, adopting pony culture and understanding whilst maintaining his image of being a completely regular pony to the masses. He became a representative to aide in the fabrication and maintenance of businesses, starting low down and eventually evolving into a respectable stallion with an unnatural success compared to his competitors. He will take jobs making companies flourish into respectable places in their own right. Wildcard appears to find the Princesses rule unfavorably, questioning decisions that have put the kingdom in peril multiple times. He also seems a strong advocate for changeling equal rights, along the equal rights of other intelligent species that exist within or around Equestria.</p>
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