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Unicorn Pony
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Mature & Violent
Age Old is a pale blue coated pony with a sky blue mane and tail.

He doesnt take to much care for his mane and tail, though keeps it in a good enough shape. His tail is a thinner, slick type that almost feels wet. His mane is an inch or two longer than a buzz cut as he is a member of the solar guard.

He has a nip at the back of his right eyebrow, and his eyes are a deep navy blue.

He has a slight build, but is made mainly for quick reflexes and easy movement. His acrobatics rivaled that of the top Pegasi in basic training. He is very lean and dexterous.
Friends, drinking, training, working out, reading, stories.
Misc Information:
~RP Rules~
¤First off, I tend to be a literate RPer. In case you don't know what that means, I like responses that are detailed and give me alot to work with. If you do that, I'll do it for you.

¤I'm cool with any kind of RP. If you come up to me and ask to rp, don't be afraid to suggest a genre. More than likely, I'm cool with it.

¤Unless otherwise stated, I will assume swearing is allowed. However, I won't go overboard. I'm a solar guardsmen, not a sailor.

¤If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to ask.

Credit to the music composer: Adrian Von Ziegler - Fear No Darkness
History and Details:
<p>Age Old is an odd name for a young colt, especially when they are left in an orphanage. However, this orphanage was different than most others in Manehatten. The headmistress was the kindest mare Age had ever met. She told the young fillies and colts amazing stories about the vast lands of Equestria. She filled their ears with wonder and hope. These stories had tracked all the way from the far reaches of the land just to reach Age's little ears. This amazed him.</p>
<p>Just as she told the children stories of wonder, her husband, the cook and financial operator told them separate tales of adventure and horror as they grew. Eventually, Age Old reached the age of 16, where he was available to work and thus had to leave the orphanage. He said goodbye to his friends and the kind couple and tears were shed as he departed.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Within a day he had applied to over 7 jobs and received a position as a newspaper pony. He delivered for a few months before getting more jobs and in turn, more bits. When he finally had enough, he was nearly bursting with excitement. He bought a train ticket to Appleoosa to begin his journey across the land.&nbsp;</p>
<p>When he got there, he wasn't even 17 yet. He looked and asked around for jobs and found one from a fellow named Braeburn, to watch his families farm along with some other folks as they went to a family reunion. When the apples came back, he got paid and began looking for more stories while also sharing his own with the townsfolk. He soon planned his departure and with some final goodbyes and some help from the townsfolk, he got a straight shot to Canterlot.&nbsp;</p>
<p>By this time, he was a little over 17 and began working almost instantly. After a month of working, though, he was invited by his boss to the Grand Galloping Gala due to his boss taking a liking to him. Once he arrived, he 'formally' met the princess of the sun, Celestia, and the princess of the moon, Luna. He had an amazing time, though, something kept his attention throughout the night.</p>
<p>He was focused on the royal guard. He studied them throughout the night and slowly his mind made it's decision. By the end of the night, he wanted to join. He couldn't explain why, was it the armor, the control, the authority. He didn't know and he didn't care. He found the requirements to enlist and began ferociously studying and training. When he finally turned 18, he applied, and was enlisted into the solar guard.</p>
<p>After completing basic training, he was assigned to castle guard for the next year. As the months went on, he nearly went mad with boredom. While he was now a member of the royal guard, he still wanted to see the world. So he submitted a request and was approved to be moved to ponyville.&nbsp;</p>
<p>He had heard little of ponyville, only from the headmistress' husband, who told that fearless warriors lived there, who protected all of Equestria. When he got there, he found that he was assigned to patrol duty along the everfree forest. He loves his job now at the age of 21 and is constantly training and striving to be the best he can be, and then put that to shame and be better.</p>
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